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Doug In North Carolina
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2000 Sebring: cyl..spark plugs what needs to be removed

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2000 Sebring jxi 6 cyl replace spark plugs what needs to be removed to access all plugs
Thanks for using Just Answer, my name is Doug.

I see that in your question title you say 6 cylinder but in the section for "Engine" you list it as a 2.0L. Do you know which engine you have in it?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
not to sure 6cyl I thought it said 2.something
If your engine is the 2.5L v6 engine then the intake manifold has to come off in order to access the spark plugs and the plug wires for the rear bank. It's mostly a few 12mm bolts, a couple of 10mm and a few 8mm bolts. It's squeezed in there pretty good and you may need a combination of sockets and wrenches of different shapes to get them in to tight places.

It's kind of a vague answer but I don't know exactly which engine you have and not sure if you've already started and hit a road block needing specific directions. Let me know how in depth you want to get in the repairs. It's not a simple 4cyl tune-up that I would suggest to just anyone. Let me know your skill level and I can adjust accordingly.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Doug I went out to check it is 2.5 engine I can acces the front 3 plugs no problem however the back 3 are under the air handler connected to the trottle body also trottle cables and some hoses need to bew taken off I have pretty good mechanial skill I want to know is it a bid deal to remove that air thing any gaskets or sealants involved?

It's not a job that requires a lot of Skill as much as it does nimble fingers, assortment of basic tools (short and deep sockets for the 1/4 drive ratchet, metric wrenches and metric gear wrenches (if at all possible). There's a number of bolts in tight places and having one of those pen magnets would be great because you may drop something. You'll need your usual 5/8 spark plug socket though I prefer a deep 5/8 and no rubber inside of it (It gets stuck on the plug and you have to fight to get it out.


Getting to the backside of the distributor is not a lot of fun and definitely note your firing order before starting since they're not in a 123 and 456 order on the cap.


I'd recomend a new intake PLENUM gasket, it's a metal gasket that goes between the intake plenum (what you called the air handler) and the intake manifold which is what th plenum bolts to.


If you don't have a 1/4 electric or air operated ratchet then this would make life alot easier getting to some of these PITA fasteners. Lowes sells an electric one for $20-50 bucks depending on if it's on sale or not.


If you're going to start on this tonight then I can be here until about 10:30 EST but I won't be back tomorrow until after 6pm EST.

Let me know.