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My esp bas light is on. What is that Chrysler 300 limit

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My esp bas light is on. What is that?
Chrysler 300 limited

Here is the back ground on the ESP.. I would do a relearn first. You may try removing battery cables and touching them together. If that does not work next step is to use a scanner that has the ability to do a relearn. Sometimes when installing new parts they have to be updated with a software down load from Chrysler's data base, paid subscription. Thanks Jim


Some fixes listed :


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Good morning Jim! Thanks for your answer...I am at work now 8:00 am and don't get off until five. I will try what you said when I get home tonight. I do have another question though...The ETS (the electronic throttle sensor is blinking also)...The mechanic that put it in says things have to reset but driving to work this morning esp/bas and ets light was on also AND the car started sputtering (jerking).


Whatever the outcome I do plan to pay you because your advice is valuable to me. Thanks again.

Let me know if the light goes off after driving home. The misfire, sputtering should not be going on . I will check back later today. I am in Calif.. 5am..

Take care Jim

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The car is in the shop now--the mechanic that worked it lost the o-ring on my vacuum, that why my car was hesitating. Thanks for your help Jim...

Your welcome.. Glad you the problem is going to be resolved. Have a great weekend.