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2000 Dodge grand caravan: change the Heater Core

Resolved Question:

I need to change the Heater Core in my 2000 Dodge grand caravan. Can someone give me instructions cause my husband lost his job and I can't pay $350+ in labor just to have it changed out. I have the part just need some instructions how I can do this myself.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.
What size motor?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

My motor size is 3.0.

Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.

Im getting it now


Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.
Comp froze
Expert:  stin1974 replied 8 years ago.
  1. Drain coolant system.
  2. Remove left side lower column cover.
  3. Remove steering column assembly.


Remove B/P to body harness interconnect and bracket.


  • Remove lower silencer boot at base of steering shaft.
  • Pinch off heater lines under the hood.
  • graphic
  • Remove heater core cover. Insert a small amount of towels under the heater core tubes. Remove heater core plate and tubes.
  • graphic
  • Depress heater core retaining clips
  • graphic
  • Pull up on accelerator pedal and slide heater core past.
  • graphic
    1. Depress brake pedal and remove heater core from HVAC housing.

    For installation, reverse the above procedures.

    Install screws to retain heater core in housing.Replace heater core tube inlet O-rings. Tighten heater core tube retaining plate to 3 ±1 Nm (27 ±9 in. lbs.) torque

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