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Chevrolet tahoe: I have a 2008 chevy tahoe, I am in the process

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I have a 2008 chevy tahoe, I am in the process of the changing the front brake pads, however the inner pad is extremely tight almost to the pt where it wont go in. The old pads were the same way. THis doesnt seem right because it is so tight it doesnt seem like it would move away from the rotor if the brakes/caliper piston were released. Is this how it should be or should i be doing somehting to correct it

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no you are correct those pads should slide by hand into the pad clips by hand

if the clips are new or no rust on top or under them then file down or grind a little on each side of the pad ( should not take much filing or grinding ) and then make sure to lube those pad to clip contact points with brake grease

and when your done they will be all lubed up and the pads should slide in by hand !

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The clips are brand new. Even the factory pads were very tight. How easy should they slide in, or how easy should the pads move back and forth in the clips once installed?

you should be able to push them in with one hand and slide back and forth in the clips with 1 hand

a lot of times even the factory fads will do this with extra on the ends causing this a simple sand down or quick grind will do the trick and don't forget the brake grease

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