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1999 Suburban 1500, 2wd. Had compressor replaced last year,

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1999 Suburban 1500, 2wd. Had compressor replaced last year, along with some stuff in the rear, but not sure exactly what. My ac stopped working recently (clutch would not engage). I googled it today, and learned to test the switch at the evaporator. I removed the connector and jumppered it, and the compressor engaged, BUT, the system did not cool. What is next?

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This means that the system is very low or empty of freon. you need to find the leak and repair it. a leak is found by charging the system and adding dye to it or using a freon sniffer. this is a detailed job and requires strong knowledge of the system.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So I replaced the switch and, sure enough, the compressor short cycles, consistent with low freon. I will have it checked out! Thanks.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I got some leak detector, and cannot identify any leaks so far. I did notice the line running between the evaporator and the radiator area is cold and sweating, and the small line is hot, but the compressor still short cycles and no cool air in the cabin.

the majority of leaks are around connection points and o rings, but bi parts like the condenser, evaporator also leak. charge the system with a kit from walmart or any other parts store and run it once it runs a leak should be easy to detect.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So, you don't think the cold line has any bearing here? it seems like, if the system is cooling, there must be some coolant in the system? is it just not enough to cool the air coming out of the vents?

some freon but not enough to get the compressor on all the time, the system requires a full charge, if after you charge it still does the same thing then the compressor clutch can be faulty.

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