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I locked my key in my 2005 silverado how do I get into my truck

Customer Question

I locked my key in my 2005 silverado how do I get into my truck with no spare key
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  kalamykid replied 5 years ago.

kalamykid :

There are three things you can do. you can call for road side assitance through your insurance compainy if you have full coverage or towing, you can call a tow compainy that has a lock oout servise, or if you havea pop a lock in your area they can come out and unlock it for you, and lastly, you can unlockit yourself if you have a good plastic wedge, and two all metal coat hangers.

kalamykid :

If you can wait till morning and your dealer is open on sat. you can have them make you a new key from the vin number.

kalamykid :

To do this you will have to take proff of ownership and a photo id as well as the vin number.

Customer: How do I do it my self
kalamykid and other Chevy Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  kalamykid replied 5 years ago.
You will need something firm to pry the top of the door open so you can insert the coat hanger into the crack between the door and the body and push the power door lock button, or unlock the manual door lock.. You will have to twist the two coat hangers together so the two will be stiff enough to push the lock button. I would not use a pocket knif to pry the top of the door open. If you have a plastic spatchyal you can use it and a screwq drier so you do not damage the paint.
Expert:  kalamykid replied 5 years ago.
You will need to use something wide to slide into the opening you creat when you pry te top of the door out so you can keep the gap open. Do you get to forcfull as you can break the door glass if you pull to hard.
Expert:  kalamykid replied 5 years ago.
It is beast to work at the top rear of the door to work it open at the top so you can get acess to the inside of the truck.