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Aran, General Motors
Category: Chevy
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Resolved Question:

HOW MucH OIL DO I NEED FOR cHEVROLET EQUINOX 2006. also it has 120 k miles should i use 5W30 or 10W30
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Aran replied 6 years ago.

Chevtek :

Hello thanks for the question, the capacity is 4.5 qts. It is recommended at 5/30 for best fuel mileage, I am sure 10/30 could be used in a pinch. Here is some additional info on ENGINE OIL TYPE

Look for two things:

1.GM6094M Your vehicle's engine requires oil meeting GM Standard GM6094M.

2.SAE 5W-30 is best for your vehicle. These numbers on an oil container show its viscosity, or thickness. Do not use other viscosity oils such as SAE 20W-50. Oils meeting these requirements should also have the starburst symbol on the container. This symbol indicates that the oil has been certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API). You should look for this information on the oil container, and use only those oils that are identified as meeting GM Standard GM6094M and have the starburst symbol on the front of the oil container.

NOTICE: Use only engine oil identified as meeting GM Standard GM6094M and showing the American Petroleum Institute Certified For Gasoline Engines starburst symbol. Failure to use the recommended oil can result in engine damage not covered by your warranty.

GM Goodwrench oil meets all the requirements for your vehicle.

If you are in an area of extreme cold, where the temperature falls below -20°F (-29°C), it is recommended that you use either an SAE 5W-30 synthetic oil or an SAE 0W-30 oil. Both will provide easier cold starting and better protection for your engine at extremely low temperatures.
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