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Chevrolet 4500 kodiak how do i read my vin nbr it is 1GBE4E1255F501370

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how do i read my vin nbr it is 1GBE4E1255F501370 I have a 2005 kodiak the engine is bad, what am I looking for when purchasing a used engine, what years will fit this truck, will an engine from a 2500 or 3500 of the same year fit, is there a nbr on the engine that corralates to the vin nbr, if I am buying an engine and I request the vin nbr of the veh. it came from can I request a carfax to see the history of the veh. and engine and possibly get the last time and mileage when the veh. was in for serv. or mech. failure. I think the wiggling pin is hittin against the wobblin rod. and if I change the muffler bearing it might stop the noise

The 8th digit in the vin is the engine. So you engine is referred to as VIN 2. This is the same engine as the 2005 Silverado 3500.

I have seen 305's break piston skirts and keep running (much less load though!) and they do rattle. I think it would be hard to hear a broken skirt in a diesel though.

Good luck
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
what about carfax, is there a nbr on the engine block that corrosponds with vin nbr
There may be a vin number on the engine or a code stamped on the block but it would just indicate that it is a 6.6 diesel. What else are you looking to gain from the carfax?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
mileage ,last time veh was in for serv. or do i just have to trust the used engine dealer that it is a low mileage engine
I see, you want to know the history of the replacement engine, right?
I don't know for sure if the engine will have the vin on it or not but you would need the whole vin to get any carfax info. So you most likely just need to trust what info the supplier gives you.
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