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Mike S.
Mike S., Chevy Mechanic
Category: Chevy
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the temp gauge on the dash is 225

Customer Question

the temp gauge on the dash is 225
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Mike S. replied 5 years ago.

Is the engine overheating? Do you have a kitchen thermometer? If so, place it into the radiator fill hole and take a reading there after the thermostat opens. If it is alot different from the dash, the the problem has got to be with the sender, gauge or wiring if not then the engine is overheating.

Let me know which it is.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
it is not overheating the sender is 195 with a temp gun
Expert:  Mike S. replied 5 years ago.
Then I suspect the sender or gauge is bad. I suggest testing the sender and if ok, then I would replace the gauge. For testing, click here.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the sender is new
Expert:  Mike S. replied 5 years ago.
Got to be the gauge then.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
so it has to be the dash cluster. i put one in a used one
Expert:  Mike S. replied 5 years ago.
How much was it? Did it have a guarantee? How much was a new?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
50.00 dollers. the new one i have to get at a dealer 100.00 dollers or more
Expert:  Mike S. replied 5 years ago.
I would try to take that back and get the new one.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

do u think a 180 thermostat will make a difference



Expert:  Mike S. replied 5 years ago.
No. A different temperature thermostat only open up the engine and block to the radiator sooner or later and not make any difference on the operating temperature. It's still going to get as hot when it reaches it's full potential.

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