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How to replace blower motor resistor 2006 Chevy Suburban

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How to replace blower motor resistor 2006 Chevy Suburban
Do you have auto with a digital display or a manual system with a knob that controls the blower speed?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Digital Display

OK, then you have a blower motor controller unit and not a resistor. They are both located in the same place and are changed the same way but look different. The blower controller is located under the dash on the passengers side. There is a hush panel located under the dash that needs to come off, or just pulled down so you can reach the controller. Above the hush panel is the blower motor and controller. the controller is held in with 2 screws and unplugs from the blower motor. Just remove the screws and connector and replace it.



Here is the hush panel


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Here the controller



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Number 2 blow is the controller



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
This information doesn't match the part that the chevy dealer gave us, I'll have to open up the blower and look at what is there, If it matches your diagram, I am set. If not then I'll have to describe what I found and we will go from there.

Make sure they did not sell you a resistor. The manual system uses a resistor. It has a 2 wire harness that goes to the blower motor, and a large connector that about 7 terminals inside of it. It also has a large, green part sticking out. The blower motor processor is just a square box, has the 2 wire harness coming out of it and has a small connector for 3 or 4 wires.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
2006 chev Sub LTZ loaded.

The fan/blower became erratic, would only blow at one rate regardless of the fan control setting. Then the fan blower would mysteriously start up after the vehicle was shut down and run till it ran the battery down. The only way to prevent this was to remove the fuse. When the fuse was reinserted, the fan would not work at all. Except that sometime after the vehicle was shut off, it would come on.

This is the tricked out fully loaded 2006 suburban ltz with captain chairs font and second row, console, entertain system, and rear heating controls. The rear heating controls work.

We were told we needed a new blower resistor - and were sold the part by the dealer. When we removed the cover over the blower, we discovered that they gave a the wrong part. As our fan control is digital we apparently need a new blower motor control. So does this correct, or is there some other problem at play?

The blower motor controller is your problem. Have seen this issue may times. I would take the resistor back and get a blower motor controller. Bring the VIN number for the truck with you, they can get look it up with a VIN number and there computer will show the correct part. There is only the 2 different parts, resistor or controller but I would still have them look it up threw the VIN.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

That is what I thought, but wanted to make sure. Thanks for your help!