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2011 camaro ss: manual transmission

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i have a 2011 camero ss with 6 speed manual transmission. it calls for manual transmission fluid gm part # XXXXX what type of fluid is this? dexron 111 or dexron v1. the reason i ask, i want to change out my transmission fluid with a synthetic fluid and need to know what is compatable with whats in it now. can you recommend any synthetic fluids?
Hello , my name is XXXXX XXXXX thank you for choosing Please tell me all the problem as my answers are based on the information you provide.

GM Dexron VI is the correct fluid for the 6 speed manual trans. It is also a full synthetic fluid. Amsoil is by far the best and is also a full synthetic.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
who do i go with , this is a question i asked 2 people and got 2 different answers on your site.
Who was the other expert? Send me a link to the answer?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i think his name was cam
I got my info from my GM dealer. Dexron 3 has been replaced by Dexron 6 for ALL applications.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i can not accept your answer at this time, i also called 3 chevy dealers and two of them couldnot answer my question and one told me 75-90 gl-5 and i know thats not right. what is wrong here? when you can not get a stright answer from a chevy dealership who is suppose too know these things. something is just not right.
So something is just not right.Keep UR $ HMMMMMMMMM WANNA RACE FOR PINKS?graphic

Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX Your complete satisfaction is my goal. Please provide as much information about your concern as you can.



Part # XXXXX Is not synthetic. it is DEX 3 relabeled as manual transmission /transfer case fluid.

Here is the description from the doc(NNN) NNN-NNNNdescribing dex lV when it first came out in 06


The content of this bulletin does not apply to manual transmissions or transfer cases. Any vehicle that previously required DEXRON®-III for a manual transmission or transfer case should now use P/N 88861800. This fluid is labeled Manual Transmission and Transfer Case Fluid.


If you want to use a synthetic, then use Amsoil, as J Hoop suggested. It is the best synthetic on the market.





There are two 6 speed transmissions that are available.

which one do you have, ???


  • Manual Transmission - Aisin AY6
  • Manual Transmission - Tremec 6-Speed

    The tremec takes the part number you gave 88861800


    the AisinAY6 takes

    GL-5 SAE 75W-90 .


    May be it would be a good idea to provide the VIN number to make sure of the application you have. That way option numbers can be checked to give you the correct answer you are looking for.

    Or you can look at the tag on the transmission, Here are two examples


    Aisin AY6




    Tremec transmission




    If you need more information, let me know.


    Customer: replied 6 years ago.
    my vin # XXXXX 2G1FT1EW5B9117109

    Your transmission RPO code is M 10 This is a tremec transmission, and the fluid number 88861800 is the correct part number fluid for your transmission.



    Transmission - Manual 6 Speed, Tremec, 85mm, 3.01 1st, 0.84 5th, 0.57 6th, O/D



    Manual Transmission Fluid GM P/N 88861800 (Canadian P/N 88861801)

    3.45 liters

    3.65 quarts

    When filled, fluid level should be at the bottom of the fluid check plug hole.



    This fluid is not synthetic, it is dex 3 relabeled as manual transmission fluid /transfercase fluid.


    If I were looking for a synthetic fluid, I would use Amsoil.


    Thank You


    Hal, Chevy Master Tech
    Category: Chevy
    Satisfied Customers: 1031
    Experience: ASE and Chevy Master , 31yr Dealership exp,
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