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1998 chevy Tracker Starts but has no power

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1998 chevy Tracker. Starts but has no power. Basicly will not accelerate at all. If I baby the throttle it will accelerate very slowly. If a go wide open it will sometimes stall and sometime accelerate verry very slowly.

Fuel pressure is 42-52 psi. I have checked compression and it is low in one cylinder (85 psi) but not low enough to cause this problem. I cannot see any data on my scan tool but I have checked the map sensor and it reard 300 mv at WOT and around 3v at idle. I unplugged the maf and not change. I removed the O2 sensor to check for a plugged convertor and it did not make a difference. I checked the back pressure anyhow and it was under 1 psi.

Any ideas?
Hello, as you know there are not many things that will cause this type of problem, and be so severe other than what you have checked and.. the timing belt. To me? you are describing a timing belt that may have jumped a tooth or 2. the lower compression in one cylinder, lack of power, things you have checked lead me to this. I really would check the timing belt and be sure it is right on the marks.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I looked to see if there was any obvious slack in the timing belt but I haven't gone any further than that. Once it does get above 4000 rpm it begines to run a bit better which is probably consistent wtih a jumped timing belt.


Can I ask you a question on another car? This an LT1 camaro and I have to replace the water pump. Is there anything else I should do while I am in there?

Yes, a skipped belt can behave just that way and regain alittle power at various throttle inputs. Def you need to be sure lined up. I really think the belt jumped. What year is the camaro?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
1995 LT1 5.7L
Pretty straight forward. Just some reminders. be sure you do all you can to cover the distibutor assy below water pump with say a plastic bag, or simialr. One mistake mad is allowing cooland to drain into the dist assy and then you are dealing with misfire problem etc.. Also, there is a coupling between the engine and pump. There are 2 orings there. Be sure the water pump kit has the orings. If not, match up at parts store and change them and.. be sure to lube the splines of the pump coupling. Other than that? cant think of much else. use new calmps on the hoses :) Just remember to try and keep that igntion distributor dry from coolant.


Water Pump


  • J-39089, Water pump driveshaft assembly O-ring seal installer.


  1. Electrical connectors from electric engine coolant fan assembly.
  2. Right electric engine coolant fan assembly.
  3. Block drain plug and knock sensor.
  4. Drain engine coolant.
  5. Install drain plug and knock sensor.
  6. Air intake duct.
  7. Air Cleaner assembly.
  8. Upper and lower radiator hose from water pump.
  9. Heater hoses from water pump and throttle body.
  10. Electrical connector from coolant sensor.
  11. Reposition coil and bracket.
  12. Air pump and bracket.
  13. Water pump bolts/screws (40 and 41).
  14. Water pump cover bolt/screw (37).
  15. Water pump assembly (38).
  16. Water pump gaskets (35).
  17. Shaft coupling (39).


  • Water pump gasket surfaces.
  • Water pump bolts/screws (40 and 41).


  1. Shaft coupling.
  2. Water pump gaskets.
  3. Water pump assembly.
  4. Water pump cover bolts/screws.


  • Pump cover bolts/screws to41 Nm (30 lb ft) .
  1. Water pump bolts/screws.


  • Bolts/screws to41 Nm (30 lb ft) .
  1. Air pump and bracket.
  2. Position coil and bracket.
  3. Electrical connector to coolant sensor.
  4. Heater hoses to water pump and throttle body.
  5. Upper and lower radiator hose to water pump.
  6. Air cleaner assembly.
  7. Air intake duct.
  8. Refill cooling system.
  9. Electrical connectors to electric engine coolant fan assembly.
  10. Inspect for leaks, after running engine to normal operating temperature.


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