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is it true that the 2005 chevy equinox does not have an external

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is it true that the 2005 chevy equinox does not have an external dipstick/fill-spot for the transmission fluid?
Hello I will be helping you with your Equinox. There is an indicator behind the front transaxle mount. It is necessary to remove the bolt that holds down the indicator. Feel free to ask any questions.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm definitely gonna pay&be return customer,thanks. So basicly it's not an "open hood" procedure? Need lift right? Reason i'm asking is cuz GF's transmission is slipping & would obviously check fluid 1st. Guaranteed nevr chek'd/changed. Her ex is a "deadbeat dad". I had same prob w/'94 dodge. Changed fluid/filter & used LucasOil transmission "fix". It workd. Gonna try same w/hers but can't get "lift" til Monday. Thnx4 any/all info re:'05 equinox transmission. 1st time using website, I can select you as mechanic to "ask" in future right? Cuz i got tons of shit to ask & my only "trusted" mechanic is in jail on a DUI. Just my luck man. I believe in "loyalty" & will def select u if possible, esp if it puts a few bucks in ur pocket & saves me from an "untustworthy" mechanic. Thanks~KevG
Yes sir you can access the dipstick from the top on your equinox, This transmission takes a special fluid GM T-IV. Its a little tight but no problem. There is a filter but is not seviceable unless rebuilding. Any questions feel free to ask. Thank you for using Just Answer
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks. One last question & i'll hit "accept" to pay. Location? Should i be looking to the left or right side of engine? Towards front or back? Is there a color/symbol/label on dipstick? I know that sounds like 3questions(sorry), but just wanted specific location to look and what to look for. And i'm ASSUMING that would be receptacle to add fluid if needed. Thanks for the help. I'll "accept", pay, and u have a good day. This site is great, glad i found it, and you've just earned a loyal customer. Am considering the monthly membership offer now.
Transmission is on the driverside of the car. Look up front and down you will see a black side cover pan look just to the left of the pan behind the mount is the stick. Remove the hold down bolt and you will be able to check and or add the fluid.
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