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1997 Monte Carlo Z34: slipping..the weather..pulling..door lock

Customer Question

I have a 1997 Monte Carlo Z34 (3.4L) and I locked my keys inside. In the past, with other vehicles, I have been successful at unlocking the door either by jimmy-ing the lock with a coat hanger or by slipping a coat hanger in through the weather-stripping and reaching the button or manually pulling the door lock. The doors are so long on the Monte Carlo pushing the coat hanger through the weather-stripping mid-vehicle is pointless because the coat hanger is too short to reach the door lock. I have tried to jimmy open the door lock between the door and window, but have been unsuccessful so far. Does anyone know the best place to fish for the lock with the coat hanger?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Hal replied 6 years ago.

You will not be able to open the door with a coat hanger between the window and door. The lock rod is protected to prevent this.

To reach the door unlock button you will need a 1/4" rod bent at a sharp 90 deg about 1 " and the rod will need to be 4-5 long , bent slightly in the middle as needed to reach the lock button through the rear upper corner of the door. Have someone guide you from the other side of vehicle.

The best option is to call the dealer and give them your VIN number off the dash. and with proper proof of ownership they can cut you a new door key with the factory code.

Any GM dealer can provide this for you. Should not cost much to get this done.