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i have a 1998 chevy malibu and the coolant fans are not working.

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i have a 1998 chevy malibu and the coolant fans are not working. It works sometimes when i turn the a/c on but it is a rear event. I just had my intake manifold gasket replaced today. what could be the problem

the coolant fan relay, the coolant temp sensor. and or the coolant fan motor itself.

You want to check for fault codes stored in the ECM, if any.

check the relay first. below is diagram of the fuse box under the hood.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i have already replaced the relay and the temperature switch. I know the fans work because sometimes they turn on when i turn the a/c on

There is a coolant temp sensor for the ecm, there is also one for the gauge. and a coolant fan temp sensor. if all are good.

if the fan comes on with the a/c on then the ecm is good and commands on, the relay is good, and the wiring between the relay and the fan motor is good. it has got two be in the sensors.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i did not know there was 2 switches i will be replacing both of them. the question is will it be expensive.


No those sensors/ switches range between $17 and $25.
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