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Tips on replacing spider injector on a C1500/5.

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tips on replacing spider injector on a C1500/5.0L

There are a few things you need to do to make this job easier. First, there are 2 fuel lines going to the top of the intake. You need to remove the fuel line from the rear. There are 2 lines that are 16mm in size, its best to use a line wrench to break these loose. There are also o-rings on the fuel lines at the back, make sure they are in good shape. The fuel line in the front going into the top of the intake, make sure you know how the small braket goes on, take a picture first if you can. Also there are some o-rings inside of the injector unit where this fuel line goes in, the new one should have these already, but remove the fuel line slowly and work it out. If you just pull the line out, the o-rings come out and it takes time to get them back in place. They do sell a o-ring kit if you loose one.

There is a lrage seal at the middle of the plastic intake that seals around the injector unit, make sure that you lub this up good when going back togather, this seal can come loose or move on you if you dont lube it. Make sure you get each injector to its proper cylinder, each injector has to be placed in the proper cylinder hole.

If you have a digital camra. take a few pictures before you start incase you are not sure how a hose is rotuted or a harness. Make sure you get the grounds on the thermostat housing back in place, make sure they are bolted to a metal part of the lower intake. I have seen a no start issue when a customer reinstalled the ground to the plastic part of the intake.


Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
can this all be done without removing the intake manifold?
Yes, the lower intake does not have to be removed to replace the injector unit.
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