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Car will not stay running after being jumped

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Car will not stay running after being jumped
HI there! This is a pretty good indicator that it has a charging system problem. The battery is dead and the alternator is not charging it back up. The car can't run on a dead battery. I would have the charging system as well as the battery tested. Hope this helps! Thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Could there be something else, because the battery is not dead the lights come on bright as soon as you open the door. When we first got the car it was making a grinding noise under the hood, could this be related to the problem. The noise comes and goes.
So the battery is not dead, but the car requires a jump start to get running? If you leave the other car on it, will it keep running for you?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yeah but when you unhook it you need to keep the cavalier revving and then as soon as you pull away everything starts to dim.
No, this has to be a problem with the charging system. The intermitent grinding is likely one of the bearings in the alternator going bad. I would still start with the charging system. About the only other thing you can do is check the battery cables themselves and make sure they are clean and tight. The battery might have enough power to light the lights,that only requires 12 volts. To start you need amperage to turn the starter.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
so would you recomend taking the alternator off and having it tested somewhere, or trying to get the whole car to a garage and put on the computer. I am limited on money so the cheapest way would be the best
Cheapest will be to take the alternator off and have it tested at a place like Autozone. If possible,charge the battery. The alternator should put out about 14.2 volts under load. Thanks
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