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95 chevy s10: vin..the timing plate has a v notch, and i..flywheel

Customer Question

i have a 95 chevy s10, 4.3L,z vin code. i am struggling with the timing. the timing plate has a v notch, and i can align the mark on the flywheel. ive disconnected the set timing connector, but the truck still stumbles under a load. i also dont have the sticker under the hood to tell me how to time the truck. my manual says to look at the sticker. was just wondering if you guys could help me, or tell me what the sticker says.
thanks alot, jake...
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  ttiger79 replied 10 years ago.
There's a few things I would recommend when setting the timing on this vehicle. First, put a little bit of white paint or white-out on the notch on the pulley. This will make it easier to see the notch when timing it.
Next, make sure you are disconnecting the correct timing connector (this is a common mistake). Here's where it is:


The little sticker under the hood will just tell you that the timing specification is 0 degrees base top dead center. That's about it.

Here is the listed procedure if it will help you:

* Engage the parking brake and block the wheels.
* Place the transmission is neutral .

1. Refer to the important engine information label located in the engine compartment on the label. (if available.)
2. Put the Ignition Control (IC) system in the bypass mode by disconnecting the "set timing" connector. This is a single wire sealed connector that has a tan with black stripe lead. The location of the "set timing" connector with a Powertrain Control Module (PCM) controller is near the PCM connectors in the passenger compartment.
3. With the ignition switch "OFF," connect the pickup lead of the timing light to the number one spark plug. Use a jumper lead between the wire and plug or an inductive type pickup. NOTE : DO NOT pierce the wire or attempt to insert a wire between the boot and the wire. Connect the timing light power leads according to manufacturer's instructions.
4. Start the engine, and aim the timing light at the timing mark. The line on the balancer or pulley will line up at the timing mark. The timing specification is 0°BTDC. If a change is necessary, loosen the distributor hold-down clamp bolt at the base of the distributor. While observing the mark with the timing light, slightly rotate the distributor until the line indicates the correct timing. Tighten the hold-down bolt, and recheck the timing.

I believe you need to line up the crank to the line on the block that's all the way on the right of the bracket.

Let me know if you need more help!

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
i dont really understand the last comment. do you mean to line up the line on the pulley to the center of the v notch. i dont have any degree markings, all that i have, and can see is the v notch on the cover, not sure what you mean about the bracket to the right. thanks jake.
Expert:  ttiger79 replied 10 years ago.
Yeah. Use the Deepest v-notch on the bracket- look at the second picture. There's about 5 or 6 notches on the bracket. Each notch is for different degrees of advance/ retard. The deepest notch is the 0 degrees top dead center notch.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
my timing mark doesnt look anything like the second picture. all that i have is on v notch and no other markings. i have never seen one like the one i have.
Expert:  ttiger79 replied 10 years ago.
The V-notch is on the crank pulley or on the engine block?