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Dave, Moblie Electronics Install Tech
Category: Chevy
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Experience:  Professional car audio, video, navigation, security & custom fabrication since 1999. MECP
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Can u guys find me a 2002 cavalier wiring diagram for the car sterio?

Customer Question

can u guys find me a 2002 cavalier wiring diagram for the car sterio?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Dave replied 10 years ago.

Although you can hardwire a stereo into this car, it's not recommended. Your car needs a class II data interface for everything to work properly. Metra makes one for your car. the model # XXXXX XXXXX (does not work with onstar). You can pick up one of these or a like model at most any install shop.

Here's a description of this part:

METRA - GMRC-01 - Metra GMRC-01 lets you install an aftermarket receiver in se


Model: GMRC-01

  • Class II data interface provides OEM integration for aftermarket radio installations in GM vehicles with Class II data systems
  • Delivers effortless integration without compromising vehicle data system. (No more relocating radios)
  • Supplies 10 amp 12-volt switched power Chime for door, headlight and key in ignition warning.

The wiring harness has a white 10-pin female connector (4 pins present) on one end and a gray 24-pin male connector (14 pins present) on the other end. The 10-pin connector plugs into the VT-GMRC-01 and the 24-pin connector interfaces with the existing factory plug.

Note: Will not work with OnStar equipped vehicles


Avalanche 2003+ - up
Cavalier 2000-2003
Express 2003
Impala 2003
Malibu 2002-2003
Tahoe 2003
Trailblazer 2002-2003
Silverado 2003
Suburban 2003

Envoy 2002-2003
Savanna 2003
Sierra 2003
Yukon 2003

Aztec 2001-2003
Grand Am 2001-2003
GrandPrix 2004
Sunfire 2000-2003

Alero 2002-2003
Bravada 2002-2003

This will work if you haven't cut off the factory harness. I highly recommend you use this part. If you decide not to, & still want the wire colors, let me know & I can provide that.