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I have a Motorola EX124G GSM cell phone locked to Straight

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I have a Motorola EX124G GSM cell phone locked to Straight Talk and I would like to use this phone on an existing Straight account but the phone won't work by installing the SIM card from the active account. I tried to get the phone unlocked but haven't had any success so far either these services say the phone can't be unlocked or like the last place charge me for a non working code number. Anything I can do? My IMEI code is 354725041021811
I'm a little confused, you mentioned you got the handset on Straight talk, and that you simply want to use the same handset with another Straight Talk Ph# XXXXX SIM??? because if your just changing SIMs on the same system there should be no reason you should have to "Unlock" the handset...It already works on that system. If this is correct, it sounds to me like it's more of an issue or problem with the handset you want to use. Have you tried a "Hard Reset" on the handset?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I tried the SIM that I use in the other Straight Talk phone (a Nokia E71) and it comes up with the same message about it not being a valid SIM just like the T-Mobile SIM.


I don't know how to do a hard reset as the book they give you with these phones is not very comprehesive. I though that unlocking the phone would take care of everything but I haven't had a lot of luck with that yet

Apparently with Straight Talk, when you switch handset you have to go to thei page on the site...

and click the second button for "Transferring my service from one straight talk phone to another". The site will have you either sign in or create an online acct and walk you thru the process of changing the handset. As I don't have the acct, I cant go past this sign in page, but the site will walk you thru the process and I imagine it's just having you register the new handsets IMEI# XXXXX reset your location.

Good luck and Happy Holidays
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