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DIYDoctor, Master Electrician
Category: Cell Phones
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Experience:  Electrician, Appliance/Electronics Tech
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how can i download my pictures FROM my metro pcs samsung moble

Customer Question

how can i download my pictures FROM my metro pcs samsung moble cell phone in order to get them on my computer?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Cell Phones
Expert:  DIYDoctor replied 5 years ago.

joegig1234 :

Hello, I will try to answer your question.

joegig1234 :

One way to try is attach pics to your email and send them to yourself and open it (in your email) on your PC and save pics to your files.

joegig1234 :

Your have data on your phone to do this?

JACUSTOMER-zv4a0rrn- :

i dont think so it just give an option to text as picture message or via bluetooth

joegig1234 :

Try this: I don't know your model #:

  • Go to Samsung's online support page (see Resources).

  • 2

    Click "Cell Phones" in the "Mobile" section. A menu will pop up that will allow you to pick your cell phone by service provider, then by model number. Choose your carrier and model number and click "Select." On the following page, click "Get Downloads."

  • 3

    Select your language and file type. Most user manuals are available in English and Spanish as .pdf or .djvu downloads.

  • 4

    Save the file to your PC by following the on-screen instructions. Open the file using a reader (if you don't have one, you will be instructed as to how to download one). Find the section on uploading photos and follow the instructions given there.

  • joegig1234 :

    This should work fine!

    joegig1234 :

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    Thanks very much

    JACUSTOMER-zv4a0rrn- :

    i believe i tried this when do i see resources or where do i see resources there are many places to click on

    joegig1234 :

    should be just to search your model # XXXXX

    joegig1234 :

    Have you tried this before? Connect your phone with usb cable to your pc. From your home screen, use your finger tip and slide down from top (signal icons are located) to bottom to access your usb connection. Click on USB connection and press mount. After you press mount, you'll see the autoplay screen popping up on your pc. go to "open folder to vew files" to open your storage folder. Once the storage folder is open, find the folder name "DCIM". This is the folder where your recorded video is located. Just drag and drop to your pc.

    JACUSTOMER-zv4a0rrn- :

    usb driver installer happened when i started this connection with the usb cord from phone to laptop but said it was not installed correctly is it that something needs to be installed

    joegig1234 :

    when you connect 1st time to your PC it should load it as "new device or hardware" did you see this happen?

    JACUSTOMER-zv4a0rrn- :

    yes something like that i installed it then when i clicked it to save or run i save once nothing happened then clicked run or even doubled clicked on my download then shortly it installed and a roadrunner bird appeared like it was going to open then left the window right away and asked if i wanted to unistall or remove all applications but before even that it ask if i wanted to let it make changes to my computer, but was from unkown author