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MobileDeviceXpert, Mobile Engineer III
Category: Cell Phones
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Experience:  3+ years Exp. BlackBerry Certified. BCSA, BCSS, BCSSS.
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my blackberry bold 9000 wont turn on or have the red light

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my blackberry bold 9000 wont turn on or have the red light come on. what is wrong with it? it also has the loading sign continuously for 3 mins every hour or so and wont go away til i battery pull. i just tried to charge without battery and no success.

Mobile Device Expert : Greetings,Thank you for trusting JustAnswer. My name isXXXXX a mobile device engineer. I will do what I can to answer you question.
Mobile Device Expert : Did you recently perform an upgrade to the OS on your device?
Mobile Device Expert : Your Bold sounds like it is bricked or it is a battery issue in which have you tried charging it for an hour without using it and see if the device powers on then? Bold 9000 will act like you state an a fully dead battery and won't just turn on until charge enough

well i didnt do any os upgrade..not sure how to do that unless i have it connected. but ive tried charging just the phone for an hour and no battery sign

Mobile Device Expert : No. You would know if you did an OS upgrade. have you recently loaded any new applications ?

no. i deleted the one i had previously loaded but they were all done before so it was just reinstalling.

Mobile Device Expert : Ok

it seems to be a common problem and like most people the phone is my life line

Mobile Device Expert : So , you were installing or reinstalling when this occurred first?
Mobile Device Expert : We will get it fix or an swear to why it is broken
Mobile Device Expert : Answer sorry

i wasnt doing anything but trying to read a text from a friend. and than the loading was non stop like it was on the old phone and like it had been for a few weeks


so i battery pulled(the batt was at 40%) and than it never turned back on


this was last night.

Mobile Device Expert : Did this happen right when you were trying read the message ?

the loading you mean?

Mobile Device Expert : Yes and expand on that
Mobile Device Expert : Loading ?

ok you know that round symbol that has the clock like symbols? that is always coming up


and that can come up anytime

Mobile Device Expert : So the device was hourglassing

yes sorry bad tech vocab

Mobile Device Expert : No it's ok - it's a BlackBerry term

and it does that for about 3mins or more at a time


all the time until i take the battery out

Mobile Device Expert : Do you have a memory card in the device by chance?

yes i do.

Mobile Device Expert : Is it new or old

i think old. came from my boyfriend. so i think he said it was used before

Mobile Device Expert : Ok. But you have not recently changed it


Mobile Device Expert : When you try to power the device on what happens exactly

nothing. ive tried holding in the power button for a minute and nothing happens.

Mobile Device Expert : You see no light nothing and when you plugged it into the wall what happened
Mobile Device Expert : Charge light come on?

same thing no light or anything


nope. and when i did just the device same thing no light or anything

Mobile Device Expert : When did this first occur?

the recent charges(both just device and with battery) were an hour for device and overnight for with battery


last night was the first time anything like no red light showing up


i wanna throw it against the wall but i know thats not the right way to do it lol

Mobile Device Expert : Ok and since the time you tried to open the text has the phone ever came back on since then
Mobile Device Expert : I hear ya

no. because when i was trying to read it and it hourglassed it had been doing that all day so i finally got frustrated and battery pulled and than no light or anything.


and normally when the battery is even slightly about to die(whether no radio signal or just dead) it always turns on to a certain point

Mobile Device Expert : I don't like being the bearer of bad news but it it appears the issue is a hardware issue and it was degrading through out the day and just died when you powered it off
Mobile Device Expert : Did it drop or get wet?



so my phone needs to go to the blackberry grave?

Mobile Device Expert : I hate to say it but time to upgrade to another BB or different device
Mobile Device Expert : The 9000 is not worth the effort to fix

darn im not due for an upgrade til september the end i think too. and this was just a replacement from at&t for the other one that was hourglassing so much

Mobile Device Expert : Oh
Mobile Device Expert : How long have you had it?

ive had this bold 9000 for about a month if that

Mobile Device Expert : Take it back and demand a replacement
Mobile Device Expert : That is not right

lol a replacement for a replacemtn



Mobile Device Expert : The should replace it without question
Mobile Device Expert : That is right
Mobile Device Expert : They gave you a bad device

i hope so. im gonna probably call and see if they can just give me another phone because i told them that i was afraid of this happening again


they dont make bold 9000 anymore do they?

Mobile Device Expert : They should give you another phone without question
Mobile Device Expert : No
Mobile Device Expert : Get the 9700
Mobile Device Expert : Or the 9800

my boyfriend had that and it was horrible as well. the 9700.


so im probably gonna stray from bb all in all.

Mobile Device Expert : Stay away from old devices. Try the torch then
Mobile Device Expert : I have both and they are solid devices


Mobile Device Expert : Old replacements will not be a good customer experience on newer networks
Mobile Device Expert : Please remember to click accept before leaving the chat . Do you have any other questions?



i dont think so. thank you so much for your help

Mobile Device Expert : Sure. Thank you for using JustAnswer

have a great night

Mobile Device Expert : Same
MobileDeviceXpert and other Cell Phones Specialists are ready to help you