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Thomas, Cell Phone Salesperson
Category: Cell Phones
Satisfied Customers: 13
Experience:  10 years
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How can i open the back of my new Pantech AT&T cell phone to

Resolved Question:

How can i open the back of my new Pantech AT&T cell phone to recover the photo memory chip?" I saw a tech put the chip in, but I'm afraid to force the rear cover lest it break.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Cell Phones
Expert:  Thomas replied 6 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
Thomas :

hi i can walk you thru this do you have the phone next to you?

Thomas :

which way is the arrow pointing on tha back door?

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :

Hi Thomas. I have the phone

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :

The arrow is pointed toward the bottom of the phone

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :

Hello, Thomas

Thomas :

hi did it work

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :

I still can't slide off the back cover

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :

Is there a trick?

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :

I press down hard and towards the bottom of the phone.

Thomas :

no just put your thumb where the arrow is put your other thumb on the opposite side push in and the direction of the arrow at the same time it should work

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :


Thomas :

can you tell me the exact model number of your phone?

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :

Where would that info be?

Thomas :

on the box or paperwork otherwise behind the battery

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :

Yeah! Hold on.

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :

Pantech Breze 2

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :

TaDa!!! I inserted my thumb fingernails and pushed

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :


JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :

But it sure is a b**** to get open!

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :


Thomas :

Installing/removing SIM card and


1. Remove the battery

cover from the unit. To

fit the battery cover, put

it on the guide rail and

push up.

2. Insert the SIM card

into the slot. The gold

contacts of the SIM card

should go against the

metal contacts of the


Put the contacts of the

battery into the hole

located at the bottom of

the unit and then insert

and press the upper side of the battery

until you hear the “click”. Make sure you

align the gold contacts at the battery

end with contacts on the phone. If the

contacts at the battery are not properly

aligned, damage could occur to the

phone and the battery.

Correct Incorrect

Thomas :

finally good job!

Thomas :

I'm glad that you got it off do you feel that i desrve a positive rating for this?

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :

Absolutely! I think it was a combination of things, but you were tops on the list.

JACUSTOMER-1rhayiy9- :

Thanks again, Thomas.

Thomas :


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