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What would cause a cat to vomit as soon as she eats

Customer Question

What would cause a cat to vomit as soon as she eats
Submitted: 21 days ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Pet Doc replied 21 days ago.

Hi there,

Thanks for your question regarding your girl Lacy. How long has this been going on for? How quickly after eating does the food come up again? Is she a fast eater, or does she take her time?

I will wait to hear from you.

Dr E

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
We got her from shelter 9 months ago and she done it since then. She eats slow and not much. She. Vomit as soon as she eats.
Expert:  Pet Doc replied 21 days ago.

Hi again,

Thanks for that. There are quite a number of possible causes for Lacy's issue, and if the food is coming back straight after she eats, then this will be regurgitation rather than vomiting. This is very common in cats who eat their food too quickly, or who have recurrent hairballs, but that doesn't sound like the case for young Lacy in this situation. We need to consider other functional causes of regurgitation here, and while it is uncommon, mega-esophagus (an enlarged food pipe) is certainly possible here. Other possibilities include a diverticulum, a congenital issue (that she has developed in to adulthood), or even an esophageal sphincter issue. It sounds like you have tried quite a range of different diets and hairball remedies without success and the next best step is to follow up with your local vet to have some diagnostics done here. The best diagnostic will be some contrast xrays. This involves getting Lacy to swallow some special liquid and then have a series of xrays taken of her swallowing it. This helps to diagnose issues with the food pipe (esophagus) which would be the main cause of ongoing regurgitation like this. Please do follow up with your local vet early next regarding these diagnostics if you can.

In the meantime, I want you to try a couple of new feeding techniques. The first is a slow down bowl, and while Lacy isn't hoovering her food down, slowing her down even more may help here. Slow down bowls are cheap and you can find them online easily (or from your local pet store). The other thing to try is food toys. There are a range of puzzle feeders and interactive toys, that again will slow Lacy down even more as well as provide her entertainment. If possible, try her on a large kibble dry food. Dental foods are the best for this such as Hill's T/D and this will also force Lacy to chew the kibble and take more time eating it. Continue with the hairball remedies in the meantime as well, and be sure to brush Lacy 2 - 3 times per week as well.

This will be the best way forward here. As this has been going on for a while, a follow up and diagnostics with your local vet really is important here. I hope all of the above makes sense? If you have more questions or if I can help in any other way, please do not hesitate to ask! If you would like to accept my answer, please press RATE OUR CONVERSATION (I am not compensated in any other way). Bonuses are always welcome. Thanks! I hope to work with you again soon!

Kind Regards,

Dr E

PS: If you have additional questions after you rate the question, you are welcome to request me for additional conversations if I am on-line or by beginning your question "Dr. E..." or "Pet-doc..." and others will leave the questions for me.

Expert:  Pet Doc replied 21 days ago.

Let me know if you have any further questions - I will be online for another 20 minutes or so.

Dr E

Expert:  Pet Doc replied 19 days ago.
Hi John,
I'm just following up on our conversation about Lacy. How is everything going?
Pet Doc
Expert:  Pet Doc replied 18 days ago.

Hi again,

How have you been getting on with Lacy since we last chatted? It would be great to get an update when you get a moment.

Dr E