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Dr. Gary
Dr. Gary, Cat Veterinarian
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Dear Dr. - small 9 pound ferel female cat we are keeping

Customer Question

Dear Dr. - small 9 pound ferel female cat we are keeping inside because of bad injury to one back leg - vet was able to get puss out of leg and she can walk on it now. we know she had at least one litter in the wild - but we have to keep her inside because she is too weak to care for her self outside. believe her to be old - a wild guess. still ferel and has to stay away from 4 other inside cats. she's confined to a fairly good size laundry room in basement but not much attention to her. problem is her stomach is extended out on both sides like a football shape but hips are extremely small & bony - spine and shoulders bony. she will eat constantly day and nite canned food 2 to 3 a day & guzzle water day and all nite plus eating dry food too. litter boxes abnormally full with urine and feces. we know she is anemic but could she have intestinal blockage too? she has finally let me pet her if im careful -she purrs -lets me rub water on her head and back when she's eating then waits for more -like a mother cat cleaning her. she waits all day for me to come down to see her and always begs for more food. she started getting on my bed during nite when I beg her to & lies on my foot or just next to me = but not for long- when I say please stay in bed with me she waits a few minutes longer and then gets off bed. I'm not with her any more because my boyfriend and i broke up. We were thinking she did have some bit of quality of life but now i'm gone and he only sees her one in am to once late at nite to feed her. she is afraid of him. Please let me know what you think about the abnormal eating, drinking, urination and bowel movement (was some soft stools like cow pies but cleared up to pretty large firm stools. we don't have money to take care of xrays etc. thnk you so much - Penny
P.S. - we spent almost $1,000 on about 3 months of vet visits for her injured leg - probably a cat fight outside. antibiotic pills 2 X a day for about 3 mos. vet said she had anemia and we have not gone back to vet since then.
Thank you so much for your advice,
(###) ###-####
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Drhollowayvet replied 1 year ago.

Hello this is Dr. Holloway but you can call me Dr. H for short. I am sorry to hear about your cat concerns. From the sounds of it your kitty has a swollen abdomen but her weight elsewhere is meager indicating malnutrition. But her appetite is good and she is urinating and defecating large amounts.

Is it possible she is pregnant? The gestation period for cats is around 65 days

- DR. H

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