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My 2-year old male neutered indoor only cat was diagnosed

Customer Question

My 2-year old male neutered indoor only cat was diagnosed with "severe asthma." He is on a Flovent inhaler daily (that's a problem in and of itself!). Is this unusual? I had never heard of this disease in cats nor one so young. Thank you so much, Cat Mom
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat Veterinary
Expert:  Dr.D replied 1 year ago.

Hello there, Welcome to Just Answer.I am Drd. No Feline Asthma is not an uncommon condition.

Asthma is a recurring respiratory compromise featuring constriction of the lung’s airways. First, excess mucus forms, then the airway walls swell with inflammation and can actually ulcerate, and finally the airway muscles go into spasm, which leads to constriction. Airway constriction leads to inability to draw a deep breath, intolerance to exercise, coughing, and musical sighing sounds called wheezes, though not all these symptoms may be apparent at the same time. Sometimes a low-grade chronic cough is the only manifested sign but an acute asthmatic crisis can arise at any time and can represent a life-threatening event. Asthmatic airway constriction can happen spontaneously or as a type of allergic reaction. When it comes to treatment, relieving and preventing airway constriction is what it is all about.The feline condition was named asthma due to the clinical features shared with the human disease. As of this time, it appears that all the diagnostic criteria needed to make the asthma diagnosis in humans are shared by cats, yet we are still working out the mechanics of this syndrome in cats and have a great deal to learn. For example, in humans we know that while actual symptoms of asthma occur in episodes, the airways of the lung are diseased all the time. We do not know yet if feline airways are also diseased all the time or if the actual airway structural changes occur only when there are clinical signs of distress.I hope this helps.Please come back and ask if you have more question regrading your cat's condition.Please press accept if you are satisfied with my response.Thank you again.

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