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we suspect my queen passed strep G to her kittens at birth.

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we suspect my queen passed strep G to her kittens at birth. One died. The others were treated with clinamycin and clavomaox. mother and father treated with clindamycin. How long would you treat the cats. How long would you treat the kittens. Kittens are 13 days. All Have been treated one week. What does for 6 lb mom. 10 ib male. 130 gram kittens. would you treat other two nuetured cats in the hime? How kong? How long to erradicate strep g from bodies?
Hello, I'm Dr Gary. I've been practicing veterinary medicine since 2007. I look forward to helping with your questions/ concerns.

I think I would worry more about a viral infection like Herpes, Panleukopenia or Calicivirus more than Strep. If it is a bacterial disease, Chlamydia or Bordatella would be more common. It could be Strep, but it's hard to come to that diagnosis without some samples. Ideally, I would get a necropsy (autopsy) of the dead kitten with culture samples to find out why it died.

If you're treating them all, I would give 7-14 days of Clavamox. This is broad spectrum to cover most bacterial causes. The viral diseases will have to just run their courses. Making sure they're well hydrated and eating will keep the immune system strong to fight off any viral infections.

When treating with Clavamox, I use a dose of 13.75 mg per kg twice daily.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

mom was only treated with clindmycin.

Herpes would kill a kitten?Not sure what the other two are, will have to google them. Waiting for the necropsy, its not back. I didn't mention that this is her 2nd litter. The first all four kittens dies within one week. They would appear and act fine, then become lethargic and die within a day. This last kitten showed same signs when he dies, but he did cry which the others did not do.

I was told clinanycin was best for strep. whch we did not get any clavamox.

where would they get Chlamydia or Bordatella ? Mom would carry it?

Herpes, Panleukopenia or Calicivirus would also come from mom and kill them? Is this something to test them for? Parents tested neg for






Mom goes get sneezy at times and is treated with lysine.

Any of these viruses can be harbored by mom and then passed to the kittens. The bacterial infections can be passed as well or picked up in the environment. They are all very common in multi-cat households. They can all cause death in neonatal kittens as the immune system in kittens is immature and it doesn't handle these infections well.

I would do tests on any dead kittens. They can get viral panels and bacterial cultures to see if they are growing anything.

When treating for Strep, Clavamox or Clindamycin can be used. Clavamox is a smaller gun antibiotic and a better choice. I reserve Clindamycin for the more severe infections that cross to the brain or for Toxo in cats.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

my cat is vaccinated, wouldn't that protect the kittens from any of the diseases you mentioned? What do I do to protect them prior to birth to avoid any more deaths. seems most cats have herpes, sneezing , conjunctivitis at time. Thats a kitten killer?

The vaccines do protect cats, but we still have a large number of cats out there that have latent Herpes that comes out when stressed.

Yes, Herpes can cause death. More than 90% of cases are non-fatal, but it can weaken the immune system and allow other infections to take hold leading to death. It's a process we call Fading Kitten Syndrome when this happens. So it's not a cut and dry one infection that causes death, but instead multiple agents acting together.

I know you are looking for a one agent answer and one medication solution. It's just not that easy. Medicine is just not that cut and dry. The goal going forward should be making sure all breeding queens are vaccinated along with proper hygiene and washing between handling kittens. There should also be good kitten vaccines and deworming programs in effect. Once sick, rapid evaluation by a vet and proper tests/ medications are important. All of these together will help prevent further deaths.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

well last litter (and this) they got sick between day 3 and 6. this one died within 8 hrs. the last litter I took them to emer services and no one ever conducted any tests. they put them in intensive care ,o2, fluids.dont think they gave them antibiotics. they never suggested antibiotics for the still surviving ones. this litter it was another breeder that thought maybe strep and my vet reluctantly gave me antibiotics for 1 week because i insisted. well its working.i just would like to prevent it next time and as i stopped at 1 week and they r only 13 days i fear something can come back. im going to continue treating mom a seccond week with clindamycin, but she developed diarrhea today which im not sure should worry about.

the herpes i do worry about as mom can get conjunctivitis when stressed, but other than lysine not anything u can do about that.i mix a small amount in goats mik and supplement kittens with probiotics and vitamins does not have an abundant supply of milk, any suggestions for that? giving marshmallow root and mothers milk tea

I would just go with 7-10 days on antibiotics. You shouldn't need to keep them on long term antibiotics. That is going to cause diarrhea as it kills off a lot of the "good bacteria" in the GI tract.

I would agree with you though that antibiotics should be started in a neonatal kitten that is not doing well. Often times there is a bacterial cause, and they are at high risk of secondary bacterial infections.

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