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This cat is very skinny and puked up worms Im wondering what

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This cat is very skinny and puked up worms I'm wondering what and how to treat?
Hello. Thank you for asking your question. My name isXXXXX will try to help.
The kind of worms they vomit up can be hookworms, roundworms, or whipworms.
You can treat all three with an over the counter medication called pyrantel pamoate. Make sure you get pyrantel pamoate, as the main ingredient, and not another kind.
You can buy it at larger pet stores and online.
You do not need a prescription.
The directions will be on the label but it usually comes out to 1 cc per 5-10 pounds of cat.
Give one dose, every three weeks, until he has had three doses in total.
I hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I look online at

and went to one store,

But I didn't find the right med


I found the generic 23mg

What would be 1cc?

What is the medication you got? Are there directions on the label?
I just checked, on amazon, and there is a whole page the pyrantel pamoate you can buy
here is the page
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I got the tap worm tabs for cats an kittens, 3 of them which is 23mg praziquantel each. I gave him 1 then I noticed there are no directions when to give him the next one.


I can buy the pyantel at amazon but it looked liquid and I'm not sure how and how much to give it to him and when after the tape worm tabs.

With the tapeworm medications, If you gave a dose today, give another dose in three weeks. Then you are done.
Signs of tapeworms are little "rice" segments in the cats stool. They do not vomit out tapeworms.
I would wait a week after you gave the tapeworm medication.
Then give the pyrantel pamoate liquid.
It tastes a little like vanilla ice cream so it is easy to give.
I usually do 1 cc, or 1 ml, of the pyrantel, every 2 weeks, until three doses have been given.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Before the app. Tomorrow I wanted to let you know about a few things. The cat, which might be a girl actually, is the neighbors cat that I've let come over a lot. The cat is very skinny still, and I ordered from amazon the pyrantel 50mg 16oz., which I'm not sure how much to give. Then follow up to be sure the problem is gone. My other worry too is heart worm. I was wondering if the heart guard meds would work? Its difficult I can't take the cat for an x ray.

For the pyrantel, 1 cc per 5 pounds of cat. Repeat the dose every 2 weeks until he has had three doses. You can buy a syringe, at the human drug store. The syringe will say "m;" or "cc" on it. The average cat weighs 9-10 pounds. So you should be able to give 2 cc of the pyrantel.

Heartworms in cats, can cause a number of signs. The most common sign is chronic vomiting. But with heartworms, they do not vomit up the worms because the worms are in the lungs. Not in the gastrointestinal tract. So, from what you have described so far, I do not think it sounds like heartworms. Heartworms can also cause coughing and difficulty breathing.

Yes, you can give heartgard as a monthly heartworm preventative.

It is fine that you are not having an x-ray done. The cat is lucky to have you and is thankful for all the help you have given it already.

If you take a picture, of the genital area, I should be able to tell you if it is a male or female. To post the picture on here, use the icon, on the tool bar, that looks like a "paper clip"