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my cat is 4yrs old, hes been very lethargic and meowing a

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my cat is 4yrs old, he's been very lethargic and meowing a lot, he's not eating very well and puking all the time. what is wrong?
Thank you for your question. I am so sorry to hear that Severus isn't feeling well. I just have a couple of questions to help me get a better picture of what might be going on:

Is he an indoor only cat, or indoor/outdoor?

Have you noticed him going in and out of the litter box recently?

How long has he been having these symptoms?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


he is indoor only, i have one other cat, a calico, and they get along fine.

i got them at the same time from the same shelter.

he does use the litter box but i can't tell which of them has the loose stools-like diaheria but he's definitely the one puking and not eating.

it's been about a week now-that he's been like this.


Ok, thank you. In a younger cat like this my first concern is always a foreign body that is causing an obstruction in the GI tract--even in cats that are well monitored, they can eat something they shouldn't and it can get caught anywhere along the way from the stomach to the colon and cause a problem. We will generally see a decrease or absence of appetite, a lot of vomiting, meowing which can indicate pain and lethargy as they get weaker from dehydration.

However, vomiting and decreased appetite can be caused from several things: kidney and liver conditions, urinary obstructions, toxins, intestinal parasites are all possible causes. Because it has been a week, I have to advise that you get him seen--at this point he is very likely getting dehydrated from the vomiting, so at the very least he most likely needs some fluids.

Unfortunately, there is very little that you can do at home in a case like this. If he can't keep anything down, there is nothing that we can give over-the-counter to help as he will just vomit the medication right back up. If he's not eating, trying to feed a bland diet is not going to work.

I hope this information is helpful--if I can help with any other questions, or explain anything further, please just let me know!
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