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My cat is on clavamox for an ear infection. But I did not know

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My cat is on clavamox for an ear infection. But I did not know it had to be refrigerated and she developed a respiratory infection last Thurs. I got new clavamox yesterday from the vet but her respiratory systems don't seem to be getting better. In fact she is having trouble breathing. I have some CPM tablets left over from an illness of another cat last year. Will that help until I can get her to the vet tomorrow?

Welcome to JustAnswer. I'm a licensed veterinarian and I'll be happy to help. I'm sorry to hear that Little Bit isn't feeling well.

Most respiratory infections in cats are actually upper respiratory infections and begin as a viral infection, but can often have a secondary bacterial component, hence the use of antibiotics. Clavamox is an excellent choice for this.

I'm not sure what CPM tablets are. Is there more on the label?

Does Little Bit have a runny crusty nose that is making it difficult to breath or has she been coughing as though she has pneumonia?

Dr. Barbara

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
yes, her nose is runny. no crusting that I can see. the breathing difficulty seems to be like in a human when we are severely stopped up.. she is also sneezing. no coughing. she got an antibiotic shot last saturday for an ear infection. i started her on clavamox butdid not know it had to be refrigerated until monday. i then put it in the frig but i guess it was too late. Little Bit seemed fine until thursday when she started sneezing. i guess she icked up a uri at the vet. i got new clavamox yesterday and started her on it immediately. i thought she would be better by now but she isn't. i xdon't remember what cpm stands for but it's a little pill. an antihistamine i think. humans take it too.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
the pill is yellow. i also have human saline nasal spray. will that help?

Perhaps the pill is chlorpromazine which is an antihistamine. This really wouldn't help Little Bit because her problem is not an allergy.

If you can keep her nose as clean as possible, this will help her to breathe more easily. Saline drops in her nose may help. . .it wouldn't hurt her, but I doubt she will tolerate this.

Since this upper respiratory infection is mostly if not all viral in origin, antibiotics don't completely treat this and therefore there is not a quick response. It's like colds for us, we just have to live through them.

If Little Bit is not eating well, warm up her food to make it more fragrant. She's more likely to be able to smell it then and eat. If you don't feed her canned food, she may prefer this right now. Also, meat baby food warmed up is sometimes well liked. You'll have to offer her fresh food 3 or more times per day.

Keep her nose and eyes as clean as possible.

Sometimes cats won't drink like they need to during an upper respiratory infection. In this case you'll have to see your vet there for some subcutaneous fluids. Usually, this is not necessary, but just in case.

Little Bit should be fine in about 1 week.

Best of luck to you both,

Dr. Barbara

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