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cat has black spots in pores/skin in random areas. But I have

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cat has black spots in pores/skin in random areas. But I have combed her, and she uses frontline for fleas. she is indoor and white so things are easily seen. She has earmites that i'm getting meds for asap. what could the spots on her skin be though?

This is Dr. Christian. Welcome to JustAnswer.

  • Do these areas look like scabs?
  • Does she have any itching or hair loss?
  • Where are the spots primarily located?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
don't really look like scabs some spots are liek right in the pores like if you have a black head.
She itches in her ears cause the mites. She scratched a spot on her skin where the hair came off. but it was because she scratched to much. she's stopped since tho and the hair is growing back.

there is a spot on the back of her neck where I put the frontline, some spots on her hind quarters between her hips ontop. and her tummy, round/on her nipples.

she doesn't scratch anywhere cept at her ears.

haven't seen any fleas and i check often and cours use frontline anyway lol

These sound like comedones which is a fancy medical term for black heads.

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Typically it is caused by numerous skin conditions but the number one cause is an allergic skin problem. It wouldn't be related to the ear mites or frontline but could be an allergy to just about anything such as dust, pollen, trees, mice (had a cat with that once, go figure) or just about any other allergen. Allergies can also cause hair loss, itching and scabs. This doesn't sound like it is too serious but a medicated shampoo from your vet may help some so I'd recommend having it checked out. Severe cases require steroids for treatment.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
But sometimes the spots seem to stick to the fur a little higher up? could the hair have grown through the black head and it stayed? i tried the flea dirt 'test' to see if it was blood and it never turns red just disolves up in water.
if it is just black heads from a skin condition, could it cause a dandruff like effect? some little spots on the skin on her nipples are slightly larger but come off kind of like dirty dandruff.

i'm just really scared and nervous. :(
I understand. It sound like she may even have little more severe skin condition called miliary dermatitis. It is also a skin allergy problem causing little black scabs that will be on the hair as it grows outward. Miliary dermatitis generally requires antibiotics and steroids to clear up. It is basically small areas of infection on the skin caused by the allergy.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is there anyway to solve it without antibitoics or steroids? or how much would that generally cost? I'm low on funds and every vet i find costs so much. I want her to be happy but money is so tight...
Are there any other ways?
Other than trying an aloe/oatmeal shampoo over the counter and continuing to control any fleas your options are limited. Oral steroids and antibiotics are fairly inexpensive. For instance, our local pharmacy has those medications on its $4 list. If your vet will write prescriptions for you to fill at a local pharmacy it could be very inexpensive.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Oh well the fleas are completely gone now. it was taken care of within a week or so of her getting them.
So aloe and oatmeal shampoo, like a human type or one from a pet store?
and thats good to hear. hopefully they'll think the same. :(
You can find the aloe/oatmeal in the pet store. It will be better for her skin. The scabs may actually resolve if they were caused by the fleas and she's had the fleas within the last month or less. If that's the case then try the shampoo first and see how she does.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Can the allergy sometimes take a little while to develope the visual symptons i said?
and thats why i didn't notice this at first?

It definitely can. It can also take some time to resolve after the allergy has passed.

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