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My cat is very anemic and jaundice. I have had him to two veterinarians

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My cat is very anemic and jaundice. I have had him to two veterinarians and the tell me he has a low red blood cell count. He has been give antibotics for about 5 weeks to treat for any bacterial infection. I have been told there are no parasites and his liver seems to be functioning. He very weak now and can't control his bladder or bowels. Up to about two day ago his appetite has been very good and he was drinking water. He isn't eating or drinking at all and now has diarea. I am considering putting him down. I don't know if there is anything else that can be done. I feel it is too late?
Hello there,

Sorry to hear about your situation.

Has he been on steroids for the anemia?

Have the red cell numbers increased at all with the antibiotics?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes for the steroids. I was told to discontinue them. They said the red blood cells were being destroyed as quickly as they were being produced
Anemia can be caused by many things. You either lose blood cells, don't make them or they are destroyed. If blood parasites have been ruled out, an immune mediated attack on the cells is next likely. There are only 2 treatments, steroids and immunosuppressant drugs. I would not have stopped the steroids. It stimulates the bone marrow to produce more cells. It is also an appetite stimulant. If this has been going on over a month with no improvement, the prognosis is not good. Most cases have resolved partly or fully by now. If he has now stopped eating the situation is very serious. Cats that don't eat do not last long. If his current state continues, euthanasia is the correct decision. If he will start eating again, I would have the cat on high doses of steroids and add an immunosuppressant if there is no improvement. In general only 50% of these cases survive. If they have not isolated the specific cause it makes treatment more vague. Onion free jarred baby food, chicken or turkey, can used to stimulate the appetite. If he still refuses to eat, you need to make a decision on what is best for him based on quality of life.
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