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Dr. Bruce
Dr. Bruce, Veterinarian
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My indoor male cat has breath smelling like rotting meat for

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My indoor male cat has breath smelling like rotting meat for over a day now and is now constantly licking. I checked his teeth earlier and they seem fine although I never brush them. He is due for another vet visit. Although primarily indoor I have been letting him and his sister go out on the lawn for brief periods.

Welcome to Just Answer. Can you help me with a couple questions to assist me?
1) How old is your little guy?
2) Has he been loosing any weight?
3) When was his last vet visit?

Dr. Bruce
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He is 7 years old, over weight at 22 lbs, but the same as the last couple of years. His last check up was last year 3/08. He eats weight management food in limited portions along with 1/4 can of Fancy feast each morning. Water is from filtered Drinkwell which is maintained.
Any time I hear of a cat with bad breath (halitosis), I get very, very suspicious of oral disease. The fact that he's licking also points in this direction. Usually when they are licking, this is an indication that something in the mouth is uncomfortable.

I know you said you checked his teeth earlier and they seemed fine, but sometimes the lesion / dental disease that is causing the bad odor is not very obvious and sometimes it is. He could have an ulcer in the back of his oral cavity, bad gingivitis, or an abscessed tooth that is the source of the bad breath.

Here is a link on halitosis.

I would honestly say that if your little one is due for his next veterinary visit, I would make that here soon and have your vet look into his oral cavity and see what they can find. Sometimes, it may actually require a dental procedure itself to fully evaluate the oral cavity.

Hope things go well,
Dr. Bruce
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