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Amanda, DVM
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I have a cat with a dislocated hind leg. It is dislocated

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I have a cat with a dislocated hind leg. It is dislocated at the hip. She has been to our vet where she was splinted. At 6 weeks, we took her in for a re-check. The leg was limp. Our vet told us the ligaments were likely damaged and that it could take up to a year to heal. The cat was re-splinted. At 8 weeks the cat pulled the cast off. We took her back to the vet for another splint. The vet said that removing the leg was the only option at this point. Splinting again would not help. I am unemployed so I took the cat home to think about it. In the meantime, the cat is using the leg. Mind you, it is still dislocated. It sticks out like a frog leg. She does not seem to be in any pain, though, but I am thinking I need to have the leg taken off. Your thoughts?
Hi, so sorry about your kitty. I agree that resplinting is not worth it at this point. Cats have a remarkable ability to heal things, though they may not heal normally without surgery or other treatment.

My thoughts on amputation are this: if she is using the leg and is comfortable, it may not be necessary. I would recommend amputation if the leg is painful, if it inhibits her movement, or if she is traumatizing it by dragging it or chewing it. If not, there is nothing wrong with leaving her with a funny leg. The dislocated joint will never be "normal" but can still be functional enough with time.

Also, at this point, amputation is not an emergency, so there is nothing wrong with giving her more time to heal/rehab herself and you more time to consider your options and save money.

I would also recommend keeping her indoors now, though, as an abnormal leg or an amputated leg may make her less likely to escape outdoor dangers. Whatever you decide, she should be kept lean to make her life easier, and if you leave the leg, you may consider glucosamine supplements for better joint health.

Hope that helps you,
Amanda, DVM
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