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I have a degree in Accounting but cannot seem to find an

Customer Question

I have a degree in Accounting but cannot seem to find an accounting job. What am I doing wrong? I have had many jobs. Thanks!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Job
Expert:  Michael replied 1 year ago.

The economy is still recovering but finding a job in many fields still takes some work to find that exact fit. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that growth is projected to be up to 13 percent to 2020. The percentages indicate that with some work that finding something in this field is good for you in the future.

Some suggestions on why you have not received any interest from employers and ways to improve your chances for an interview:

1. Review your resume and look for any issues that need to be addressed. Listing jobs that pertain to accounting in any matter should be listed while others that may not should be left off. Have your resume reviewed by a professional service that can look for ways to improve upon it.

2. Look at specific job sites that list accounting jobs other than the general employment sites such as Indeed and SimplyHired. Look at sites such as:

3. Look to join professional organizations that have job listings that are not listed anyplace else:

Many of these organizations offer mentoring that can offer assistance on ways to improve your interview chances for employment.