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What are the pros and cons (besides night shift) of working

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What are the pros and cons (besides night shift) of working as a night auditor in a hotel?



In considering a position as a night auditor, here is my spin on the pros and cons:



  1. The work environment is likely to be quiet most of the time
  2. Once you completed your required duties, you may (with permission by management) have the opportunity to study if you are in school or would like to take some courses. This time is a bonus that others don't usually have.
  3. A portion of your day once you get your sleep will be available to run errands and do tasks that normal 9 to 5 workers can't get to because they are at work
  4. The work likely involves less stress on a daily basis than some other daytime jobs
  5. The hospitality industry provides many opportunities. A hotel position may lead to other bigger and better paying opportunities--especially if the position is in a large chain and/or in a major metropolitan city.


  1. The salary may not be as much as a 9 to 5 job performing similar duties
  2. Your "body clock" may not be easy to adjust to since you will have to sleep during the daylight hours--you will likely need to set up your bedroom so that it's conducive to rest and peace and quiet.
  3. If you want to keep in step with the rest of your work week, you'll probably want to keep the same "schedule" during the days you have off so that you don't get out of synch. This will take some getting used to.
  4. If you want to get together with friends and family who are on a regular daytime schedule, it may be difficult due to your schedule.
  5. From time to time, you may have to deal with unruly or rude guests (e.g., people who have been drinking and arrive at the hotel inebriated)
  6. If you are easily bored, this job may end up being very unfulfilling and frustrating.
  7. If you need to be challenged, this job may leave you very unhappy.
  8. If the position is in a small hotel, there may not be any opportunities for advancement and the job may be a dead end.

I hope these provide you with some insight and some angles to consider. I'm also providing to you below some links to night auditor jobs so that you can read some job descriptions, etc. in different areas of the country.



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