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Mid July 2016 had mysterious week long fever chills stiff

Customer Question

Mid July 2016 had mysterious week long fever chills stiff neck. Not positive for lymes or flu. Docs thought viral. Blood tests did not show anything concerning. Started having eye flashes. Blood pressure 135/90.Late July 2016 had right sided Bell's palsy. Saw ENT. Had ct scan at er without contrast. Had MRI with contrast. Negative findings. Put on steroids and antiviral meds. Palsy was very mild. Also saw eye doctor who could find no eye issues. Felt ocular migraines.August suffered from bilateral leg weakness and lower back pain. Saw chiropractor for herniated disc pain and PCP said leg weakness due to anxiety.Early September had left sided Bell's palsy but did not go to doctor until weeks later. Very mild case.Mid September had severe jaw pain started on left side and moved to right side.Mid October started to have right sided pulsation tinnitus. ENT not sure why. Blood pressure 120/70.Late October had blood test screening and only item out if range was wbc which were 11.2 vs 10.8 for upper range.November have had headaches and nausea and tired a lot. Blood pressure now 110/65. Also had aches move around from shoulder to jaw to stomach areas for days at a time.So why the fall in blood pressure?Any concern over slightly elevated abc count?Any thoughts on if I should be retested for Lymes?Any concern for cancer? Brain or blood types?Any of this tie tighter for the eye flashes that are still on going or pulsation tinnitus?Seeing eye and ENT doctors in mid December. ENT may order another MRI to make sure nothing missed on first.
Submitted: 6 days ago.
Category: Cardiology
Expert:  Scott Rebich replied 6 days ago.

Hi there,

Please give me second to review your question, and I will be right with you!

Expert:  Scott Rebich replied 6 days ago.

You blood pressure can increase and decrease with anxiety, especially when you go to the doctors office. In addition, your blood pressure can adjust by 30 points with slight activity, any stress, changes in diet, dehydration, etc. I would not be concerned if I were you.

I would not be concerned about you WBC count. They are similar to your blood pressure. It is a very small snapshot in your life, and they are dynamically changing throughout the day. Unfortunately, you just caught them while they were high. There is nothing to be concerned about.

You should only be retested for lyme disease if you have had another exposure to lyme disease or if you are having rashes. Bases on your labs and imaging, there is no concern for any type of cancer. You would see both on labs and imaging. In addition, you should have a full work up for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

If you are still having symptoms, you may want to see a neurologist soon to help with your work up. Another option would be to see a psychiatrist to also help.

Expert:  Scott Rebich replied 6 days ago.

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Customer: replied 6 days ago.
I have two less than 1cm posterior cervical nodes that have been palpable for 2 months and one in right posterior cervical for 1.5 months. Does that make any difference? I have shown to PCP and ENT and they are not worried.What is going on with me? I had anxiety as father suffered for 5 years and died this February from cancer, but since July and that ?? Illness ?? Have been a mess with symtoms and issues.
Expert:  Scott Rebich replied 6 days ago.

Unfortunately, anxiety can be causing all of your symptoms. You should have a long discussion with your primary care provider, and a psychiatrist. You will benefit greatly from both. Anxiety can cause a great deal of harm. Regular exercise, especially yoga, will be beneficial.

I would not worry about the lymph nodes, as it is probably normal.

Customer: replied 6 days ago.
you would,not be at this point worrying about cancer or a serious disease? What if they missed something on my, July MRI?And I don't feel anxiety but as new symtoms appear it certainly wears on me like what is going wrong?
Expert:  Scott Rebich replied 5 days ago.

I understand your concerns, and I understand you want answers. If it was me, I would see a neurologist first, followed by a psychiatrist. Cancer does not cause Bell's palsy, especially when it was first on the right then on the left. In addition, it does not cause lower extremity weakness. I would try not to be concerned, but I would try to see more speciality for answers because at this point, not has been found.

Customer: replied 5 days ago.
One final item, what should I tell neurologist I want to be seen for exactly. I am not sure if I need a referral or can just call.If I need a referral, my PCP thinks everything is just anxiety, how do I get PCP to refer me?
Expert:  Scott Rebich replied 5 days ago.

Bilateral Bell's palsy with lower extremity weakness.

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