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Have a mitsubishi Galant 2003. Air conditioner leaks water

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Have a mitsubishi Galant 2003. Air conditioner leaks water on the passenger's floor. Can't locate a drain tube under the car.

Hello and welcome to just answer, my name is ***** ***** master tech here to help.

The drain tube for the AC is located just toward the driver side of center from the firewall, near the rear motor mount. You can ONLY access this from above, it is obscured from below by the large K-member.

In order to access it you will need to remove the engine air intake hose that attaches the throttle body to the air filter. It is held on with 10mm hose clamps on either end and a small rubber slide on hose in the center. I will send some pics.

Once the intake hose is removed, look down the opening you created. You will see the rear motor mount down low, and on the firewall just behind it will be a flap of insulation.

should look like this.

If you grab the flap of insulation you can either tear it off or tuck it up under the brake lines above it on the firewall like shown below, and you will see the ac drain tube sticking out about 3/4" through the firewall:

From here you can use compressed air or a pipe cleaner etc to clean out the line if it is backed up. If you are having problems with water running back into the driver side which is also fairly common, you can apply some butyl rubber (3M Window-Weld Ribbon Sealer, for example) around the tube to seal it to the firewall and prevent water from running back in past the seal. Hope this helps your problem . please take the time to rate my service.

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