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M3 coupe: I have a 2009 M3 with dual clutch, drive logic; I

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I have a 2009 M3 with dual clutch, drive logic; I put on the competition wheels, with no other adjustments to date. I noticed of course higher center of gravity around curves at fast rate compared to OEM wheels. But, I also noticed moving the gears between neutral to drive, and to reverse, needs a more careful deliberate step by step. Could I damage the transmission using the competition wheels without adjusting the height and steering, which comes with the package? Thanks for your help.

Hello and welcome to just answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I thank you for allowing me to assist you. Changing the wheels should have no affect on how the shift system operates. It just may be a coincidence that you have noticed this. The wheels will of course change the ride height and the handling of the vehicle, and ride quality, but will not affect the shifting. You can be assured that you will not damage the transmission at all. Now is the overall tire/wheel combination the same size diameter of the stock tires and wheels?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks. XXXXX tires as used with OEM wheels; I realize that the tires will now have more contact due to offset; when I noticed hearing the transmission making the gear changes when the car is stopped and I move from neutral to reverse, or neutral to drive using the automatic, I thought perhaps the angle of the drive shaft was changed due to the offset, perhaps eventually leading to a problem with the transmission. When using the manual automatic with the dual clutch I have not noticed any problem. It was simply the noticeable sound on making gear changes that concerned me, but only when the car is stopped. When actually driving and shift up or down on manual automatic there were no problems.

Ok Richard, thank you for the additional information. The tires will have no affect at all, and the driveshaft angle has not been changed, so do not be concerned about any transmission issues or damage due to the different wheels.

I hope this information is helpful,



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