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porsche 911 carrera (933): changed oil on my 1995 porsche 911

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changed oil on my 1995 porsche 911 carrera (933) for the first time , when i removed the drain plug from the bottom of the engine ... out fell 2 cylindrical parts !!? 1 short and 1 long , what do these parts do ? i poured 10 qts. of oil , started the engine , oil light came on , so i added 1qt checked the dipstick nothing so i added another qt. , thats a total of 12 qts. still nothing on the dipstick , is that too much oil ? dont want to damage anything , what should i do ? can you please answer both questions
My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a professional here at Just Answer/Pearl. I noticed that your question was not getting a response and thought I would see if you still need help with this.I apologize for the delay and I hope I can still assist you with this here.

Your engine should only hold 9.5 quarts of engine oil.It sounds like to much was added when you added the 10 quarts which may have set off the oil light and now at 12 quarts there is way to much oil in the system.

If you haven't checked the oil level since the vehicle has been allowed to sit since yesterday check it now and see if it registers on the dipstick.I would drain out the oil until you are at or near the full mark.

As for the components that came out of the oil drain plug it is difficult to say for sure what these components are.If you can take a picture of these and then upload the pictures here using the tree or paper clip icon above I can take a look at them and see what they may be from.

Thanks Pete
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for the answer , ill check the oil level tonight , since i need to drain some oil , ill take a picture of the components and send them to you , ill send them to you tomorrow


I am following up with you to see if you still needed help with your question you had asked.If my help didn't satisfy your question please let me know so we can continue.

Thanks Pete
Hi.I received your picture you had sent.Are both of these components components that came out of the oil pan?The silver looking seal and cylinder and is the other component the drain plug itself that you removed?

Let me know,thanks Pete
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes the 3rd componet is the drain plug , i drained the oil , i calculated. 9.5 qts , still nothing on the dipstick , drove the car oil light still on added1qt still nothing on dipstick along with the oil light another red light came on it looks like an explanation mark ( ! ) what is going on here? I feel like draining all the oil out and start over , what do you suggest i do ? I dont want to harm the engine

I don't recommend driving the vehicle right now until you locate the components these are.The one on the far left looks like a lifter but its hard to tell and the other looks like a seal ring.If these came out of the drain plug hole the engine oil pan needs removed and the engine lower end inspected once it is removed to locate what has come apart and is causing this issue here with the no oil level indicator and where these components installed at.

Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Im not a mechanic , im a machinist i do have tools to do this , is this a big job ? How hard of a job is this ? Scale of 1 - 10 ? Should i look for a porsche mechanic ? I've had the car for 7 months , i love this car ! I dont want to mess anything up , what do you think i should do ?




First off I don't recommend running the engine any longer just in case on whatever these components are are causing engine damaged with them being out of the engine.

It's difficult to say if this can be done by you or if a specialist is needed as it all depends on where these components came from.The oil pan is easy to remove by draining out the engine oil then removing all of the bolts around the pan and dropping the pan from the engine but the inspection and repair for these components may require further engine tear down in some cases which may require special tools.

I recommend a specialist look into this here to see what these parts are as well as the tear down to locate and repair this fault.

Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok , thank you for your help , im gonna call around for a porsche mechanic near my house , tried to save a little money doing my own oil change , ending up spending more money , lesson learned

Your welcome.I hope you can get this resolved with ease.If you need anything else in the future let us know.

Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Do i check the oil level with engine idling ? Ive always checked when engine not running from my past experience , but this is my 1st porsche , just want to cover all bases

I apologize for the delay

You would check it with the engine off and key on.You may have to wait a short period of time with the key on and engine off for the oil level to display correctly on the instrument cluster.If your display reads empty with as much as as you have added the part that fell or came out of the engine oil pan may be the engine oil level sensor as it may have came apart requiring replacement.

Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Found out it was not the oil drain plug i took off , it was the oil pressure relief plug ! Got it all together now thanks for your help

Thats great to hear it has been resolved.Let us know if you need anything else in the future.

Thanks Pete