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Eric, Automotive Repair Shop Manager
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n/a: Eric--as to the 2004-2011 Chrysler/Jeep Suvs and trucks

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Eric--as to the 2004-2011 Chrysler/Jeep Suvs and trucks and ac evaporator failure, you have noted that since 2011, you have not seen near the amount of evaporator failures as before. I am not seeing many online complaints on this issue since earlier that 2011 . . .much earlier. I see a TSB 24-005-09 on the rear evaporator and relating to models through 2007. Has there been a front evaporator as well? A TSB? How big a problem was this after 2008 MY?

No TSBs on it, but keep in mind that TSBs dont always get issued for known issues - most of the time they are issued for new diagnostic routine, updated parts, updated labor times, maintenance of new vehicles sitting on the lot, warranty claims.

I have found with Chrysler/Jeep, they are the most reticent on issuing tsbs on widely known failures. They issued zero in relation to the 2.7L engine problems, despite all the evidence of the known problems.

So them not having any TSBs on the front evap failures is not surprising to anyone in the repair business.

For those in repair business, and especially those of us that do alot of ac repairs, when we get a Chrysler/Jeep truck/suv/van in for not blowing cold and we check refrigerent level and see it is empty, we know that it is at least a 80% chance that the evaporator is leaking. We seem them over an over and when we do the dye test, this is the first place to look for the dye.

The 2008 - 2011 models, I see about the same amount of failure rate as on the earlier models. 2012 and newer, I rarely see one with evap failure

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Eric--on the NIssan vent valve issue I came across Classification EC09-026 I: Reference: Date: TB09-062. Was there anything similar for SUV's and Trucks? I also note that the valve is a separate part from the tank. Why did the SUV's and trucks have to have the tank replaced?






there is a bulletin out

September 2, 2008

2005 - 2010 PATHFINDER, ARMADA, FRONTIER, TITAN ; MIL "ON" WITH DTC P0442 / P0448 / P0455 / P0456 / P1446

This bulletin has been amended to add P0448. No other changes have been made.

2005 - 2010


A MIL "ON" with one or more of the following DTC(s) stored:
- P0442 / P0448 / P0455 / P0456 / P1446


- EVAP Vent valve is stuck open or will not seal when operated / closed.

1. Replace the Fuel tank.
2. Install the Filter Kit (refer to the Service Procedure in this bulletin).
Eric and 8 other Car Specialists are ready to help you