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Experience:  ICAR Certified, A/C Certified, Plastic Repair Certified, 30 Years Experience
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Solara 2-door SLE: 2001 Solara 2-door SLE. Cant open the hood

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2001 Solara 2-door SLE. Can't open the hood (long story). Unable to pick the latch, trying to detach the latch from the frame so it'll come up with the hood. How many screws hold the latch to the frame? There are 2 obvious ones, but it's still attached after those were removed. Not much room working in front of the radiator...


Hello I'm Scott,

There are actually 3. one directly below the center of the latch. . I'm assuming the cable is broke? Usually what breaks is the outter housing of the cable where it hooks to the latch or inside where it attach's to the pull handle. First check at the pull handle and a lot of times you can grab it with vise grips and pull it, but sometime they break @ the latch which in most cases you can find the cable running up from the latch and cut it with some wire cutters grab the center part (wire) of the cable and pull which will release the latch. Please feel free to ask questions you might have, I'll check back later and see if this has help. At times it does take breaking the grille out to gain access to the latch, but hopefully you won't have to do that. Thanks for using JA


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