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Sprinter: 2006 vista cruiser, freightliner frame, Mercedes

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2006 vista cruiser, freightliner frame, Mercedes engine
These are known for having a washboard feeling at certain low speeds
Seems like there are a lot of ""solutions but no real answer.Is this a known problem? seems like there are a lot of people having this reported on the internet for 2002 to 2006.The fluid was tested hot in park. After it would sit for a week, when I pulled out of my driveway it felt like it was slipping a little. When it quickly warmed up it disappeared. I purchased one on the metal sticks made for it and it did not show up. I had someone answer here that I was using the right one. It took 1 and .6 quarts to show up half way on the stick. Now I feel the washboard a lot even when slowing down at low speeds. I have two questions. Does it sound like I have too much fluid it it?
Hello, welcome and thanks for asking your question. My name isXXXXX am a Certified Auto Technician with 26+ years experience. I will do my best to assist you. please keep in mind that I may need to ask questions of you before I can answer. When you reply please feel free to add as much detailed information as possible pertaining to your concern.

Yes this is a known condition, it could stem from bad transmission fluid to a bad Torque Converter. There is a Technical Service Bulletin that outlines a procedure to get this solved, it basically starts with a Transmission Service including draining the Torque Converter. If this doesn't fix it, the procedure ends up with torque converter replacement...

Here is the service bulletin so that you can read through it. A DRBIII scanner is required to reset the Adaptation Data as part of this procedure. For the most part, if the vehicle has over 50k miles, the complete transmission service normally takes care of this issue although I normally reset the Adaptation Data along with the service so you may need to take it to the dealer to have this done...

Attachment: Click here to view

If you need additional information, don't hesitate to ask. If I have answered your question, Please"Rate" my service, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you and thanks for asking your question!

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Change question tool showed low, actually nothing. 1.6 qts the dealer gave. Now the tool shows correct at the correct temp. Driving is fine except when letting ogg gas then u get a trembling feeling. Put in netual it's fine ? Been driven less than 1/2 mile when noticed and came back home. 1/4 each way. The fluid # XXXXX gave is 05127382ab. Is this correct? I am having them change fluid 30k. They recommend flush not dropping pan what sod u recommend? Thanks
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Dealership is 8 miles away. Since it drives and shifts ok and I can put it in netual when slowing is it ok to drive it in?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Another ? Should I only use dealer for this service $$$$$. And r they going to require their gasket and filter $$$$ or can I supply a wix?
Sure, you can drive it in to the shop. No problems should be caused by driving the vehicle to theshop...

They DID give you the correct fluid... The problem is not happening because the fluid is too low or too high, this concern normally happens when the fluid is worn out or if the wrong fluid was used during a trans service, lastly, it can be a faulty torque converter...

I HIGHLY recommend NOT to do the flush without pulling the pan. My recommendation for the transmission service is to pull the pan, drain all fluid, replace the trans filter. Also, they need to remove the torque converter drain plug and drain ALL the fluid out of the torque converter. If they do the service this way, you have the best chance of this fixing the problem.. If they manage to drain ALL fluid out of the transmission it WILL take a total of just over 8 quarts of the Sprinter Transmission fluid 05127382ab to top the unit off...

I Highly recommend to have the dealer do this because they have the proper scanner to do the Adaptation Data Reset procedure.. Most dealers will allow you to take in your own parts but you may want to call your service department first just to be sure...

The fluid is the most expensive part of this service at nearly $28 a quart, at my dealership the trans service ends up being around $350...
If you take it somewhere else, they likley won't use the proper fluid and may not know about the draining of the torque converter (Important part of the service!)...

If the condition is still present after performing the trans service, and the Resetting of the Adaptation Data, then the Torque Converter will likely need to be replaced....

Thank you,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

$470 here

Filter/gasket 61

8x28 for oil

rest is labor


Next question.. My appt is Monday

now it is not doing it as often and as I said only when slowing down from low speeds.


We had a 90x2 mile trip planned 90 percent on the interstate.


Would it bother you if it was yours?


There was no way I was doing a flush anyway. I just wanted your recommendation. Surprised

the dealership is recommending it.


I have 30k and it was never changed so now I am going to the bank for a loan! kidding...


How often should I change oil and fuel filter.

Any other recommendations for now or in the future?


I have an extended warranty which as been good to deal with. Not Dodge.

In your opinion if the converter is bad do you believe they will say this is a factory defect as a way out? Especially considering the bulletin?



Sorry for all of the question but I want to be sure about all of this.

EXPENSIVE if I am wrong!!




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What kind of loan would a toque converter parts and labor cost?

The $470 is about right at $99 labor rate. Our shop charges a "Discounted" labor rate on the transmission service...

At this time, if you need to drive it this week, I would go ahead and go where you need to go... If the shudder at deceleration bothers you, just shift to neutral every time it starts doing it... Remember that if the shudder gets real bad, it can cause issues with the rear differential.. I had an 03 one time that had a bad case of the Shudder and it "Wallowed Out" the rear diff carrier and caused catastrophic failure of the rear diff.. This only happened because the customer kept driving it until the failure occured... (Those darn UPS Drivers, This was a UPS Sprinter...)
So as long as you shift to neutral when it does it, you won't cause any damage...

Transmission Services on these originally were only recommended at 80k Miles, Never worked out well, so I recommend at least every 50k...

Oil Should be changed at least every 10k miles and the fuel filter at least every 20k miles...

Recommendations are to keep oil changes up to date, fuel filters and air filters are very important... Cabin filters should be changed when the a/c vent outlets seem to have low flow...

One thing that happens on the larger motor homes is the Turbo resonator tends to fail, You may decide to keep one with you at all times in case of failure or you can purchase the "Billet Turbo Resonator Eliminator" from

If the converter is bad, and your warranty covers it, there should be NO reason that they can deny the repair.. If a part failed, it failed and the warranty company should honor the repair. The bulletin should actually help you and not be a "way out" for them... If they try to deny the warranty, I would definitely either make them cover the repair or get your money back for the warranty that you purchased.....

If you need additional information, don't hesitate to ask. If I have answered your question, Please"Rate" my service, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you and thanks for asking your question!


PS - give me a bit to get together an estimate for torque converter replacement.... It will take me a bit....thanks for your patience...

Robert and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Have the appt tomorrow dodge dealer says hear a bulentin alone does not kill their ext warranty UNless the rate is above 66%. Your thoughts
I'm not sure what they are talking about "unless the rate is above 66%"

What company is your warranty with? Some companies are easier to work with than others....

Here is the estimate for torque converter replacement as requested....

Thank you,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your help. If you don't mind I am going to leave this open one more day so that gives me time to complete the transmission fluid change just in case I have any more questions. Thanks


No problem, post a reply whenever you are ready, I'm happy to help...

Thank you,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The fluid and filter change did fix the problem but I have one last question.


68021352-AA Plug adapter 21003015 was added to the bill


What is this and its function?


That part is the "Electrical Connector" for the Transmission Electronics. Another name for it is "Guide Bushing". Basically it is where the electronics internal to the transmission is connected at. This is responsible for holding the connection together and also for keeping the transmission fluid inside the transmission..

Here is a picture of it out of the vehicle:

Most likely this was replaced because there was a transmission leak from the right front corner of the Transmission...That may have been why when you initially checked the transmission fluid it was low....

If you need additional information, don't hesitate to ask, I am happy to help as long as necessary to help solve your concern. Remember, a "Positive" Rating will not close this question, You can post a reply here whenever you want, even after rating my answer! .

Thank you!

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This is my 2nd time with you. You have really helped me. The problems are now gone. (Had to rob the bank for 500 bucks but the alternative of a converter will require multiple banks.)


Hope you don't run from my future problems.

You are the best!!!!


Thank you for the positive rating...

Remember, if you need help in the future, you can always request me through my profile at Begin your question with “Robert R" so I will be able to easily find it...

I promise you, I won't run....

PS - I see you asked a question about fuel filters, Looks like Eric beat me to the punch on that one...

I tend to recommend the Factory fuel filters for Sprinters since they seem to be a better quality filter than most aftermarkets... It may be a bit cheaper if you purchase at the Mercedes dealer...

Thank you,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

obviously i am not working this correctly. I was looking for your recommendations on what problems to look for and maybe at around milage. Thanks

Hello Royce,

No you are doing just fine, the problem is that unless you state specifically in your question that you want only me to answer the question, If I am not online when you post your question, many times another expert will take the question if it has been on the list for more than 15 minutes..

I have a few ideas as to what to look for and problems that may occur. I need a few hours before I can post that info. I will get back with you asap...

Thank you,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert

This is the response the other guy gave and I am hopeing you can agree or.and add to this. I will be unloading this soon if the oil cooler is frequent or at early milage. Please let me know what you think. Thanks


Ok, I see turbo issues frequently caused by the turbo resonator located at turbo and intercooler hose, splitting and causing turbo boost pressure loss. You will get the check engine light and the code will be P0299. if not taken care of soon, this can lead to turbo failure

I also see oil cooler failures, causing oil in the coolant, quite a bit. So if you see oil in the coolant, 99% of the time it will be this and not a headgasket issue

I have seen a few transmission failures on this Sprinter, but nothing out of the ordinary in terms of unusually large percentage. Pay attention to harsh/delayed upshifting which usually is the beginning of failure. Staying on top of your transmission fluid services is the single biggest way to prevent this.

I have seen some various engine sensor failures, but again, nothing out of the ordinary.

And I have seen quite a few with ac evaporator failures. Nothing you can do to prevent this, and if your ac suddenly starts blowing hot, have it dye tested which will likely point to the evaporator

Hello Royce,

Sorry for the delayed response, I had a very busy day today...

As for Eric's response I would have to agree wht the problems with the Turbo resonator, from reading your conversation with him it looks like you have already installed the Turbo Resonator Eliminator...Good call on that, it will definitely save you some headaches in the future.... As for Turbo failure, I have seen a few of these mainly on vehicles that see little or no maintenance. A plugged filter can get drawn right up into the air cleaner housing and allow all the dirt to enter directly into the Turbo... Not good for the turbo... Aother thing that needs periodic maintenance are the intercooler hoses, they will split after several years of operation.. The left hose starts seeping oil and soon after the hose will split.. The right hose usually lasts a bit longer but I usually replace them in pairs....

As for the oil cooler failures, I have seen only one oil cooler fail on the 2.7l engine since I have been working on Sprinters back in 2003... I work on ALL the Sprinters that go through my Dealership, So I would tend to disagree on the high rate of oil cooler failures on the 2.7l engine that Eric is seeing...The one that I had didn't actually fail, the o ring seal failed and caused an oil leak on the driver side of the engine...

Agree on Transmission issues, You have just fixed one of the main issues I see with Transmissions in Sprinters. (Shudder feeling on low speeds)...

Agree on various engine sensor failures, again, not out of the ordinary...

I would have to say that I have never replaced an Evaporator on a Sprinter. Although I have one lined up for replacement next week. But the one I am doing is on a 2008 Sprinter with 360,000 miles on it and the 08 is a bit of a different animal...

Other than that, the engine is basically bulletproof... Van can tend to fall apart around the engine.... Seen many Sprinters with over 300k miles on the clock....

If you need additional info, let me know....

Thank you,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I assume the filter is the oil filter and I will have to find a picture of the other hoses and where they are.

Aother thing that needs periodic maintenance are the intercooler hoses, they will split after several years of operation.. The left hose starts seeping oil and soon after the hose will split.. The right hose usually lasts a bit longer but I usually replace them in pairs....


Now, if I want to recommend you to other sprinter owners can/how they get directly to you on this site?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is the only money you make is the tip we give? Geeze I don't have enough money to pay you for your great advice

Hello Royce,

Sorry for the delay....

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I was referring to the Air Filter in my above post... Here is a few pics of a filter that was drawn into the air cleaner housing and the resulting damage of the Turbocharger..

Here is the Left intercooler hose, the right one hooks up to the Turbo resonator and to the right side of the intercooler, you can spot it by looking down on the right side just behind the radiator...

If you want to recommend me to other Sprinter Owners, just have them contact me through my Profile page at... Always begin questions with “Robert R" so I will be able to easily find them and if they want me ONLY to respond, request me specifically in the question...

Sorry, JustAnswer policy does not allow me to discuss my pay with customers.... Sorry....

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Thank you,