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do i need a valve job

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do i need a valve job

First, what is the year, make, model and engine size of your vehicle?

Does it feel like it misfires?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Did you receive my answers to your questions?


I am sorry, but I only see your question if i have received your answers to my questions. There might be a site glitch. Sorry for the inconvienance, but could you post them again?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It's a 2010 Ford Fusion Sport with a 3.5L engine. I have never experienced any misfiring except that it may have been happening on Sunday when the engine was slow to turn over and running rough. I turned it off immediately when I heard all the racket. Tried it again a little later and it sounded horrible the same way.


Ok, do you have the vehicle with you now, or is it at a shop?

The noise you heard the last time you started it, did it sound like a metallic knocking noise, or a metallic clacking noise?

could you tell if it sounded like it was coming from the top, the front, or the bottom of the engine?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It's at the dealer who wants over $3,000 to tear it down and try to identify the problem. They then said if I need an engine it is $5,200 and $2,300 for labor.

Tough question. My first thought is it was knocking. My friend says it was clacking and grinding. Could not tell where it was coming from and I definitely did not want to leave it running while leaning all over to identify the location.


What a nightmare !!


Ok, based upon the description of the noise, I can tell you that this is not a case of valves needing adjustment.

A knocking noise would be a thrown rod or main bearing.

Clacking and grinding indicate possible timing chain guide broken, allowing the chain to hit the inside of the front timing cover, or possible failed lifters or valves.

Unfortunately, the dealer is correct in that it will need to be torn down to find the cause if nothing readily evident, such as metal shavings in the oil or oil pan.

I wish I could give you something definitive, but without being able to listen to it or have you listen with a mechanic's stethoscope, I cant
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