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Mazda 3: My vehicle, Mazda 3 2008 LF engine 2.0 litre engine

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My vehicle, Mazda 3 2008 LF engine 2.0 litre engine (automatic), done 52000km has the following problems:

Please refer to the photo first so you will get an idea what I am talking about.

I noticed that the indicator mark on the belt tensioner is sitting at the bottom (third) line and I wonder if that's normal or if it need any adjustment. I know that the top (first) line means "Maximum wear limit" and middle (second) line means stationary so should the indicator be pointing at the middle line instead of the bottom (third) line? Another question is I notice the belt looks "discolored". Are they normal?

Please see the photo below. The photo was taken when the engine is not started.

Any expert please help me!

Best regards,

Hello and welcome to Justanswer!


As far as belt adjustment you have nothing to worry about there. The belt tensioner is spring loaded and automatically adjusting, you'll actually see it moving around a little bit while the engine is running as it takes up belt slack. With the pointing at this mark that tells you as far as stretch the belt is still in very good condition.


The discoloration looks like it may be rust that has transferred from a pulley to the belt. The bare metal back sides of the pulleys can rust as the vehicle sits and it will then be wiped off and transferred to the belt as the engine runs. If the car sat for a while that would definitely explain what you're seeing there. as long as you aren't having any problems with the belt I see no reason to replace it based on the discoloration or stretch. It looks like the back side may be glazed a bit, that would explain squeaking if you are having any.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your answer!


Just to clarify with you that my car did not sit for a while as I drive it every day. As far as safety is concern, you mention not to worry about it so I will just leave it as it is.


If you wish to add anything, please let me know.


Have a good night!



As long as you aren't having noise problems from the little bit of glazing then I wouldn't worry about the belt. It looks very good as far as stretch.



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