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My 2005 RR HSE just had the key identification sensor stop,

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My 2005 RR HSE just had the key identification sensor stop, my dealer tells me I need and entire new steering assembly @ 6500 plus 900.00 install fees. I found a use assembly from a car psrt shop from a totaled rover listed at 1,900.00 however, my dealership says that each steering assembly is only geared to the one auto, based on its vin #, and that they will not guarantee the part will work, nor the that the car will even start. Further, they told me the part can not be checked to see if its even functional prior to installation, are they telling me the truth?

Unfortunately they are correct. the modules in the steering column assembly are programmed for a specific VIN code and cannot be reprogrammed with a different VIN code. This is not unique to Land Rovers as the majority of car manufacturers do the same thing with their control modules.

Spending $1900 on this used unit is 100% going to be wasted money as it cannot be reprogrammed for yours and will not work.

I really wish I could tell you differently, but it simply would be untrue.

Here is excerpt from the programming:

1. Refer to applicable GTR section 57.40.01 (2003-2006 MY) or 57.40.06 (2007 MY) and replace the steering column assembly with the latest level steering column assembly part number.

*2. Calibrate the steering angle sensor using Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) as follows:

This procedure requires IDS DVD105 or later software.

A Midtronics PSC-550 Vehicle Power Supply must be connected to the vehicle battery during diagnosis and module configuration.

^ Connect the Midtronics PSC-550 power supply to the vehicle battery.

^ Connect IDS to the vehicle and begin a new diagnostic session, by entering the correct VIN for the current vehicle. Use caution as incorrect VIN code renders new unit inoperable

^ Follow the IDS prompts to read the vehicle configuration.

^ When prompted "Do you wish to read diagnostic trouble codes?", select "NO" and then press the "tick" button to continue.

^ When the "Content Model" is displayed select "Vehicle Configuration" tab.

^ From the Vehicle Configuration Menu, select "Set-up and Configuration".

^ From the drop-down menu, select "Anti-lock Braking".

^ Select "Steering Angle Sensor Calibration".

^ Follow all on-screen instructions to complete this task.

^ When the task is completed, exit the current session."
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