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Chrysler PT Cruiser Turbo Convertible: Tim, I cannot locate

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Tim, I cannot locate the plug on the convertible motor assembly for my PT Cruiser, to replace the hydraulic fluid... I do see a hex head screw on top as well as the sides... I just bought a used PT Cruiser, and the auto opener is not working. The windows go down and I hear a whirring sound coming from the back (sounds like rear passenger side panel), but without fluid I can't tell if there is a leak, and where, as a starting point. I'd like to troubleshoot myself before bringing it in for service, in case it's a minor problem...

Hi. I'm Dave.


Apparently, Tim is not online at the moment, and your question got "redirected" to the "open questions" list. So I will try to help you with the question you are asking.


First, The fluid only goes from the pump motor to the hydraulic cylinders. You can trust me when I tell you that if there is an external leak in this system, you will KNOW. There will be hydraulic fluid all over the back of the car.


The vehicle manufacturer does not provide any information for "checking" the fluid. The reason for this is because the motor, pump, lines, and hydraulic cylinders are only serviced as a complete unit. If you have to buy a new unit, it comes complete and already filled with fluid. Any external (or internal) leaks in this system that render it inoperable, require the replacement of the entire assembly.


Please download the PDF file HERE


Please note that this file will be deleted from the file server in a few days due to copyright restrictions.


Also note that this is NOT a mistake. I am fully aware that the file actually says "2006 PT CRUISER", not "2005". However the manufacturer's service information for these two years is EXACTLTY the same, with no changes between these two years.


You may want to read through these instructions, so you can get an idea of how this system must be diagnosed and/or repaired.


Let me know if I can assist you further.


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