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Fleetwood Southwind: I have an 1997 Fleetwood Southwind 33

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I have an 1997 Fleetwood Southwind 33 foot motorhome with a Workhorse chassi. Recently i was on the Road for about two hours. I stopped to make a pit stop and smelled brakes that had been over used. I was just climbing from sea level to 5000 feet so i wasn't using my brakes much at all. When I started to take off again my brakes went straight to the floor, I had some brakes at the bottom of the pedal. After cooling off and checking brake fluid ect. The pedal came back and was normal for the rest of the trip. I went on line and check my vehicle's vin number to see if was any part of a recall with negative results. What should I do. I afraid of having the problem reocurr. Mike
What is likely happening is you have a brake caliper that is not releasing properly. As you release the brakes the seal inside the caliper will act like a spring and pull back on the piston a little. This releases the pad touching the piston. If you have pistons on both sides they all do it. Some setups also have what are called caliper sliders, they allow the caliper to pull on the pad opposite the piston when you only have a piston or pistons on one side. So you need to check, or have checked, all of your calipers for sticking pistons and/or sliders. The reason your brakes dropped is that the fluid boiled in the caliper from all the heat generated by the friction of driving with the brake slightly applied.
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