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Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly, Auto Mechanic
Category: Car
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Experience:  17 years experience as a auto mechanic,foreign and domestic.5 years running my own repair business.
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Isuzu Rodeo: Hello I have a 94 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2L, 4x4, automatic

Customer Question

Hello I have a 94 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2L, 4x4, automatic with 129,000 mi. on it. I have a flashing check trans light and when that is on the trans is going into limp mode. I have been starting in Low and progressively shifting through 3rd gear up to drive to get it going. I replaced the filter and fluid and when that did nothing i took it to a shop. They said it was the gasket on the transfer pan and they replaced it and replaced the fluid again but that did not work either. The problem is not constant, sometimes it is there and other times it works fine. There is no check engine light but I pulled flash codes anyway but it says there is nothing. i really don't want to keep spending money on this without results.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Mike Kelly replied 3 years ago.
Hi,my name is mike and I will assist you with your question.
When the fluid was changed how did it look?
Was there any kind of debris in the pan?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
When i changed the fluid it was really dark and the filter was really dirty but there was no debris or shavings in the pan. The fluid now still looks red and fresh.
Expert:  Mike Kelly replied 3 years ago.
Ok the issue that you are describing is consistent with the torque converter not locking up correctly.
This was a common issue in these transmissions that result in the symptoms that you are having. Basically the fins inside the converter get weak and brittle overtime allowing it to slip. Good news is this rarely causes damage to the transmission itself.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for the information. So replacing the torque converter is required is it possible for something to be wrong with the TCM too or no?
Expert:  Mike Kelly replied 3 years ago.
No I don't believe you have a issue with the Tcm and yes the converter would need to be replaced to fix the problem,thank you.
Expert:  Mike Kelly replied 3 years ago.
Don't forget to rate the answer for me and you can respond back to this question if you need further assistance,thank you.