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olds ciera sl: Took car in had intake gasket replaced, after

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Took car in had intake gasket replaced, after it was done I picked car up and over several days drove 658 miles no problems. Then coolant looked dirty so got it flushed and shop said it never got over heated but "service engine soon " lite came on, still started and shifted fine. Got home .that nite car sat for 45 minutes I got in to go to store car would only crank no start, if u pushed 1/2 down on gas pedal it starts, I drove up street and quickly noticed it now won't shift out of 1st gear. And idles really fast, so I had a guy read codes and he said it had several tps codes so he put new tps sensor in and he also recommended and installed a new map sensor and cleared codes. Started car and lite came back on, with same codes, still hard to start and no shifting. What the hell hapened , car worked perfectly till I had coolant flushed and now this. I am on a limited buget so I am just triing to do basic car maintance stuff to make it last longer. Its a 96 olds cutlass ciera sl, 3.1 v6 with 126000 miles on it body is almost perfect
Thats why on my buget I keep triing to keep it going.

Welcome to Justanswer ! my name is XXXXX XXXXX i will do my best to assist you with this problem

im sorry your having this problem

can you tell me the exact code numbers in the computer right now ?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No don't have codes in front of me, but there were always 3, and all were tps codes like tp problem 1, and tp low voltage

ok if you have all those TPS codes the problem is going to be the wires to the TPS sensor damaged or burnt or pinched

if they visually look great as far as you can see with them then one of the terminals in the connector is opened up visually look down at the connector and see if the center of those terminals looks closed off so to say where if you plug it into the TPS it will make good contact with the male terminals in the TPS

if NO terminals are damaged or bent over at all on either the TPS or the TPS connector and the wiring looks great there is going to be an internal connector issue causing this problem

you will need to pick up a new TPS connector end and splice it in one wire at a time with shrink wrap connectors and that should fix this problem

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